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I had my bike stolen today - what should I do if I see someone riding it?
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I had my bike stolen today - what should I do if I see someone riding it?

It was locked to a bike stand. It looks like someone cut my cable-lock with something quite substantial - while I was in Sainsburys for 15 mins.
The policeman I reported it to said, if I see it, call 999.
However I'm sure there are more interesting things I could do...
Additional Details
Thanks for at least giving me some laughs!


A brush-handle through the spokes of the front wheel can have dramatic repercussions for the rider but it's all about timing.
A successful insertion will see the miscreant catapulted over the handlebars on to the tarmac, hopefully with teeth removed in the process.
You will require a replacement wheel but the level of satisfaction will outweigh the pecunary cost.

I too had a bike stolen from in fromt of my home. (£2500!!). Reported to police & insurance so all OK.

I saw a young boy riding it a week or two later as I was on the bus (no bike you see...), got my new bike & went out for a ride & spotted him. DO NOT call 999. Get the non-emergency number for the closest police station, and call them on your mobile. Keep the 'offender' in sight (they may have just bought it). To aprehend them or take it back is classified as assault / theft. You MUST let the police stop them.

It will probably be returned to you a week or two after it is seized..

charlie r
I've had a few bikes stolen in my time. The immediate desire is to knock the sh*t out of them. This can lead to all sorts of problems as you don't know if the rider is aware that it is stolen or if they are armed. Even if they are the thief onlookers might come to their assistance thinking you are a pyscho. Best is to play it cool and try to follow them. If they are travelling too fast try to maintain contact try to get as much of a description as possible. Call the cops as and when you can. They let the bugger get away when it happened to me - he was visiting a suspected dealer and they didn't want to blow the operation. **** happens I guess. Bottom line is it is only a bike Fight not the Monster lest ye become one - and if anyone knows where that quote derives I'd like to hear from you.

This actually happened to me!
I had reported the theft to the police, and just been given a crime number. I had given up, but my girlfriend insisted we take a tour of the neighbourhood, just in case. I spotted my bike (It was very distinctive) being pushed by some spotty youth amidst a crowd of his friends. I went over and took it off him (No violence, I just took the handlebars and wheeled it away from him) he ran after me, protesting, until I took out my mobile and offered to call the police. He muttered something about having bought it off a guy he'd never seen before and wandered off!

Boot the little buggar off

♥im turkey pizza girl♥
identify who that person is. best bring your camera along and take a pic of that person call the cops asap.

Run after them,catch them,kick the living s h i t out of them ,take your bike back,rob the thieving scrot of everything.leave him naked in the road.Write "thieving scum"on it with black marker pen.If you have a car,gaffer tape the bugger into a package,and leave it on Saddleworth moor
Dont forget to tell the police you have recovered your bike
not that they were looking for it

Well, it would be exciting to make a citizen's arrest but it could be dangerous. If you do see it, a photo of the person would be good - you have a camera on your phone?

Frankly, I doubt that you will see it again. It probably went in a van to be sold elsewhere in the country. If it took something substantial to cut the lock, those things are not the sort of thing carried round in ones pocket.

Your only chance of seeing it again is if you had the frame number and if it gets picked up by the police and impounded - quite unlikely these days, since most professional bike thieves will change the frame number anyway.

The only thing you can practically do is to claim on the insurance and swallow the loss you will inevitably make.

Creviazuk has very wise advice. If someone has subsequently bought it in good faith, YOU could be in trouble by wrongly accusing them of theft!


Well my sons bike was stolen last summer and I went over to see the boys were teens and my son was 7 and they told him to get the F off the bike his older brother was with him. I was pissed my son was crying and I payed 150.00 for this bike. I walk over were they were and I told them they either give me the bike or I was taking theirs. And they said you can't do that I said watch me. I will let my son take yours and they gave it up. I had a few words for them but I got it back my husband was with me but I really did need him I was so mad. He still has the bike and those kids don't come near him anymore I also called the police on them to tey were on school property.

Aces N 8's
(1) ski mask
(1) baseball bat
(1) pissed off former bike owner
(3) missing teeth of bike stealer

knock them off it xxx

Wolf guy lupine
Why not push them and and get your bike back?it's not stealing it's claiming what's yours

First be sure it is yours. Speak to the person ask if they needed the bike or did they steal for the sake of it. It maybe they have purchased it from the thief. they maybe unaware of its history. If you ascertain that the rider is the perpetrator of the act stick the end of the crossbar up his rectum. This will contain him in an unusually position as you kick his head in. By the time the police come it will have been sold a dozen times.

knock them out and take your bike back. :)

Dropkick him! Or charge at him screaming and yelling, and drooling, that will scare the little punk!

Id to them what they did to your cable - lock , that would teach !

you should ask them if they took your bike!!!!!

Mr. X.
Poke a stick through the front wheel, and then when the b*****d goes flying through the air and lands on the ground, pick your bike up and ride over them!!!

Pale Rider
There are lots of interesting things you could do, its better to do as the cop says tho.

What goes around comes around the thief will get whats coming to him some day.

Grab the seat tube as they ride past - the person on the bike will end up squashing his nuts on the crossbar - remove bike after delivering substantial kick to his bollocks.

knock them out

Kick hes *** all over da place and give him 1 for me they ar da lowest of da low

if i saw the person riding a bike that was stolen from me.... my temper would flare and I'd do the wrong violent thing and beat the crap out of that person. BUT after asking for it back first and they refuse or disrespect

paul b
Push the person off it and ride off.

sandra b
kick the sh*t out of the bar steward who stole it

follow him home, then steal his car.

High-strung Guitarist
Buy a motherfecking shotgun and blow their motherfecking heads off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shove them off of the bike then kick them in the shin.Or wait for them to go inside and steal it back.

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