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I have a bench warrant?
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I have a bench warrant?

okay so when i 1st got in trouble i got charged for shoplifting and so they gave me community service and i had to go to some little class at that time my dad was in the hospice passing away he could of gone at any time so i didn't understand how she was asking me to do it at that time so i didn't and i spent time with him ... about a week later he past away on september 13th and i had got a call from her and she said she was gonna see if she could drop it due to my situation and because i wasn't doing it and after that i never heard from her ... it's been a year and i stayed out of trouble til i went to this school and got charged for posses ion of marijuana. it wasn't my fault t all it was my friends and i had smoked with her off campus when they brought us into the office they searched us and i had nothing on me she got cauhgth with a little joint and she was crying she was in alot of trouble already and i felt so bad so i took half the blame (yeah i know stupid idea) and now i have court i had it on the 10th and i missed it because my mom was sick and i dont have any transportation at the moment so it's hard .... so they issued a bench warrant for me ........... so i called my probation officer and she said to come in and turn myself in and it will be up to the judge on what happens im very scared i've never been t jail i just kinda wanted some info on what to expect im totally not the kinda girl who gets into trouble ... this isn't me at all im going to a new school and changing i no longer smoke weed either ... any info will help thank you


First I want to say I'm sorry about your dad.

Now the tough stuff. Just drop all the excuses. I'm not saying it to be cruel or not understanding. The courts don't want to hear excuses. Turn yourself in. Go to court. Tell them you understand you didn't do the right thing and that you will make it a priority to abide by what the court rules. The court wants you to take responsibility, not make excuses.

first let me say I am sorry about your father passing. When you are on probation you have to walk a straight line. theey don't care about your transportation problem or your mother being sick. some officers are heart less. and some judges are to. I don't know what state you live in but I can tell you about the state of Florida and when you are on probation the rulesor t are the same. I don't want to scare you anymore than you are but am going to tell you the truth about what you are up against. first thing you violated your probation by not reporting,by not showing up for court, and for drugs. a drug charge in itself holes 3-5 years in prision. you shouldn't have taken the blameothat. and even if you had not taken the blame just being around your friend while she is smoking is a violation in itself. you can sit in jail for up to 21 days before you go to court unless you have a private attorney, and I hope you do have one, the judge can reinstate your probation. but when they pick you up there is no bond when you violate probation. if your probation officer calls you and say she or he needs to see you, the police will be there waiting for you its a set up. they will come to your house in the middle of the night or early in the morning, they will come to your job,school, church. anywere they know you might be. it will look good for you if you just turn yourself in at the jail. and since you didn't show up for court the judge out a warrant out. but whatever you do get you a private attorney if you can afford one, because sometimes public offenders don't care about your case because they aren't getting paid. I hope that I was some help and good luck please send an update on what the outcome was.

You will most likely be thrown in jail for OVER 9,000 years!

as long as your probation officer doesn't put a hold on you then you would probably just go to the jail, get booked in and then be released on your own recognizes, thats where you sign your own bond, your mother will need to sign also, and you will get another court date. its up to your PO weather you stay in jail.

You might be ok! it realy all depends on the JUDGE!

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