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I have a warrant in ohio for failure to appear will it ever go away?
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I have a warrant in ohio for failure to appear will it ever go away?

i was arrested for petty theft and it was my first offense ever so they gave me community service i was on drugs and didn't do the community service so they summons me to court and i didn't go so they issued a failure to appear warrant will it ever go away i am clean and sober now for five years


KC V â„¢
Although you could represent yourself before the court...it would be more advisable to have an attorney assist you in a case like this.

An attorney can help clear the path for you with little repercussions based upon the length of time since the issue started.

The best advise would be as others have already stated....clear up the issue before driving privileges or otherwise become an issue!

you have to appear and do your sentence. Then it will disappear.

No, you better go back and take care of it. Eventually it will catch up to you when you get pulled over or something and you will go to jail. You most definately owe he court money, and they don't forget that either. It's a warrant, not credit, it does not drop off after a certain amount of time.

Alzeimer McBush
nope..turn yourself in and get it straightened out

It's cos we, want to.
no. The best thing you can do is hand your self in and if it is the case, admit your guilt. The courts should be more lenient.

"That One"
It'll go away when you get arrested for it.

You are a fugitive from justice. They will eventually catch you....if you get stopped for speeding it will show that you have an outstanding warrant and you will be arrested. Get a lawyer and clear it up.

Not until you do the sentence

I had a 'failure to appear' and didnt know about it. I paid a speeding ticket with a personal check which were not accepted in the state I live in. So....about 2 years later, I got pulled for a missing headlight. They cuffed me and took me to jail! Yeah...scary! It WiLL catch up to you.

Congrats on getting clean & sober, but no, the warrant will not go away until you go to court. It will hang over you. Go to court, do the community service. All the best to you!

Mj F
Running away from the court system might take the pressure off you the day of your appearance in court ... but it doesn't change anything. In fact, by not dealing with it, it only gets worse.
If you can "do the crime" be prepared to "do the time" and then move on with life in a better way:)

sorry hun it will stay on record, even if you get a road traffic ticket in the UK it never goes away, you may on day get pulled by police in your car and they could bring it up with a call, best go and explain your position tell them you've changed and see if you can do the community work now

let's put it this way

a cop tries to pull this guy over for failure to stop at the stop sign, instead of stopping and resolve theissue fast and easy, the guy chooses to run and thus put the cop on a police chase LOL and you happen to be the guy (metaphorically speaking of course)

you just went froma petty theft arrest to failure to show up at court, and no warrant wont just disappear ove the years

It will never go away until you go to court and face the judge.
Don't believe the answers about "statute of limitations" SOL is the amount of time they have to PRESS CHARGES....
You've been charged and your warrant will stay active for ever, If you are in Oregon and get stopped, the cop will arrest you if he runs your info through the NCIC. You probably won't get extradited for petty theft but the Oregon folks are obligated to hold you until Ohio says they will come get you or not. If Ohio doesn't send an officer to Oregon to escort you back to Ohio, they let you go......next month in Idaho, get stopped, same crap.....it will haunt you forever if you don't go clear it up with the court in Ohio..
If you've kicked the dope habit you have already conquered the most difficult part of the situation. Now use the same strength and courage to finish the deal and start living a more peaceful existence by not having to worry about being jailed every time a cop stops you.....oh yeah, one more thing, if THEY bring you in, the consequences will be much harsher than if YOU take high road and get this cleared up without involving anymore cops and lawyers.

no it wont go away my uncle got in trouble for some of the same stuff in ohio now hes in prison and the failure to appear is still on his record

You did the first step to get your life streighten out. But you need to go to Ohio and appera in front of the judge. Let him know that you have put your act together and that you want this resolved. Make sure to bring cash with you. You'll have to pay legal fees and the warrant costs. Some courts let you do payment plan. As for the community service, he might tell you that you'll have to do some more or even get you into probation and transfer it to where you live now. Whatever you do don't wait longer and show up willingly b/c if a cop gets you it will be worst.

This will depend on their statute of limitations.

I am unfamiliar with Ohio's particular laws re: failure to appear. 5 years is probably not long enough, but that's only a guess.

How ever, don't you think it would be better for you personally if you stood the consequences of your actions?

Yes go to a lawyer, or a bails bonds men and have it cleared up! It won't get cleared if you don't fix it though! You can even go to a police station, but that might be too scary!

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