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I love my loud truck, but is it true that I can't get pulled over for noise until after 10pm?
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I love my loud truck, but is it true that I can't get pulled over for noise until after 10pm?

I have a chevy silverado with some somewhat noisy pipes on her, and I love my pipes and want the least amount of restriction on the exhaust so she's good n' loud, and I know it's illegal to not have a catylitic converter on it, but I really don't want one if I don't need one. So number one question: do cops ever pull anyone over because of noise, then find they don't have a converter on their vehicle and fine them? And also my friend told me they can't pull you over until after 10pm because it's too loud. Is this true or is he just playing with me? Any help on this subject is much appreciated!! Thanks!!


I don't know if it's after 10 or whatever, but we got pulled over a long time ago in high school for really loud music in our car, so yea, the police officer can pull you over, but you have to keep in m ind, it's gotta be really loud and another thing, he gave us a warning , which is what he would do if your truck was blasting that loud and if you haven't gottend pulled over this far, don't worry about it.

I stop them every chance I get,,,,,,,,,,,,,

not true - you can disturb the peace at any hour of the day

It kinda depends on the laws where you live. Where I'm from, they'll pull you over for that.

You can be pulled over at anytime and ticketed for loud exhausts. For your sake I hope it is only a warning the first time but you never know. It depends on the officer.

My town has a couple of provisions. First, noise must be at a minimum between 10pm and 6am. Secondly, you cannot create so much loudness that it goes over a certain number of decibals (although I forget how many it is) at any hour of any day. I'd say stop trying to overcompensate by having a loud truck and put your catylitic converter back where it belongs.

yes it is true

you could save gas with a smaller car and save the planet

Your friend don't know squat basicly,

Traffic codes on equipment is in effect 24/7

If they hear the loud pipes and they are easily shown to be non specified equipment, they can ticket you any time of the day or night.

Now in many places they won't till it is latter and the officers are not as busy, but they can

** this applies to the several states where I was a police officer

Ashly D
i love loud trucks, too! I guess it depends on how gay the police are...lol (hope your truck is fast too) ;-)

silver lining
Yeh its against the law to modify your exhaust, and you can be pulled over at any time for disturbing the peace, their is no 10 p.m. law,
BUT cops have a thing for pick-up trucks and Harley's, no matter how loud or how lifted the trucks are (headlights in your rear view mirror) your safe, because that is as American as apple pie in the cops eye.

Voice of Liberty
It depends on local noise ordnances.

Nah.. your good. I have illegal pipes and the caty gone.
Ive been out at 3am downtown and passed cops and they didnt do sh!t.

I hope they do pull over, it is very rude and obnoxious and men who drive trucks like that are obviously compensating for SOMETHING (hint, hint). And you want tor ruin the environment and increase your exhaust just to please your testosterone? Do the world a favor and grow up.

i have a modified 1988 Jeep Cherokee, in the past i have owned an '84 cherokee (stolen) and '81Chevy (stolen) and a '95 Grand Cherokee with a 318 (wrecked), i've run true dual on all of them with glass packs and no cats, without incident, only on the '84 was i ever pulled over for 'suspicious' activity and the cop noticed that i had dual exhaust, but didnt say anything other than 'she sounds good' since the vehicle was over 20 years old, he just let me go with a verbal warning saying 'just watch your speed through here' and like that he jumped back in his camaro and drove off, but i live here in Oklahoma where we nolonger have emissions laws (thankfully) so its no big deal, it has to do with your local ordinances reguarding sound, and from what a friend of mine told me [if its louder than the police siren, its probably illegal] so my rule of thumb is if its over 120 DB (train horn), its NoGo, but thats just an old country boys perspective

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