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I made a(n oral) bet with someone and they refuse to pay me.?
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I made a(n oral) bet with someone and they refuse to pay me.?

Aren't oral contracts binding? Is he legally obliged to pay me? I guess an oral contract would be a terribly difficult thing to prove, wouldn't it. It's just so frustrating. I had a previous bet with him that I paid.. now I win one (over two years ago now) and he still refuses to pay simply because he's not out of the area and I can't easily catch up with him in person.


Dip Shït
Look Matt, you shouldn't be doing anything oral with guys, okay?

Oral contracts are legally binding, but gambling is technically illegal so there's not much you can do legally. Just don't make bets with this guy again and tell your friends not to either.

i plead the fifth
only if you live in a state with legalized gambling

wow that is so messed up... what a loser he is..you would think he would be a man and pay his debt....one day maybe ....

Normally, it would. But the problem you have is that any contract that obligates someone to break a law is not legal or binding. Betting, unless you are a casino, on an indian reservation, or in Las Vegas, is illegal, and can not be held up in a court of law.

te quiero tanto
*ewe* you give oral..yur nasty..lol..just busting yur chops...

a tao
Oral contracts?

Not worth the paper they are written on!

dont bet, buddy.

if betting ( gambling) is not legal in your area, then this bet would be illegal. And a illegal contract can not be inforced.

next a contract has to have an agreement and acceptance and some payment made. As in commercial betting where people actually turn money into a betting company.

So in reality, most likely this is an illegal contract and can not be inforced.

A bet is not considered a contract. Its considered a form of gambling. You'd get laughed out of court.
And how about we call it a "verbal agreement" rather than an oral one. Just doesnt sound right.

Non-Compassionate Liberal
They owe you an "oral" remedy. Tell'em pucker-up.

Not sure that a bet can be considered a contract. Just know he is a welcher.

Nicholas F
I don't think a court will entertain your case since betting outside of a legally licensed establishment (casino) is enforceable. Else wise every friendly poker game gone sound would flood the court system. An oral contract has problems, first what you say the deal was, and what he "remembers," in other words, totally opposite. He could plainly state he was just kidding around, your stuck. I realize for betting you don't whip out a legal contract and have him sign, that's impractical. Even with a written document, I really couldn't see you winning.

To Be
It's a tough lesson to learn

You won't see yor money. Oral contracts are NOT binding, and I am pretty sure they never have been.

Would you take a used car salesman at his word, or would you want a warranty in writing?

Just give him oral back.

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