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I need to call the police now, please help me..........................
Find answers to your legal question.

I need to call the police now, please help me..........................

what's the number? I'm in Los Angeles


I feel bad for the 911 dispatcher that has to answer this persons' call.

gear jammer
911 you moron

this person is a product of liberal influenced public education

911 fool. I know that and I live in the UK. You're like Homer Simpson, except this is even more worse.

Stupid. If you have enough time to write a question on Yahoo you have enough time to look up the number on the internet.

Retarded Dave
Wow you need to call the police and you get on Yahoo Question and answers! Now that's what I called addicted!

Mr Smarty Pants
You have GOT to be kidding. Nobody who knows how to speak English and use a computer is that stupid...

why don't you just call 911? Or look in the phone book, or on yellowpages.com to get the direct number.

8675309, hello lois? Damm you tommy twotone !

999 in the UK. 911 USA. 100 Belgium 122 North africa.. what is your emergency?

Must be an illegal.

If you are in Los angleles, you may have a better chance calling the crooks and just working out a deal with them.

Is this Homer Simpson? Call directory assistance and ask them for the number to 9-1-1 ! DO IT NOW !

My Evil Twin
You don't need to call the police, simply lean your head out of the nearest window and scream "NINE ONE ONE!" at the top of your lungs over & over again.

Someone will throw a shoe, book, or brick at you, which will knock some sense into you and bring you back to a little place I like to call Reality.

At the same time, 49 people with cell phones and a genuine concern for your well-being will call 911 and report that a lunatic is yelling '911' from their window.

The police will be there within four or five days. Be patient.

i'm blond but i think u r supposed to call 911 not the police..i dont know their number either



EL Big Ed
really 911

911. or just look on a police car, they have 911 and direct numbers

This is something that toddlers already know.

CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think is 1800-stupid land


where have you been 911 dial 911

Are you ok?

are you ok and umm 911



best answers?!?!


Isn't it 911 its 999 in uk


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