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I was in an auto accident yesterday and the lady that hit me left the scene. All I have is her license plate?
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I was in an auto accident yesterday and the lady that hit me left the scene. All I have is her license plate?

She left the scene and the police never came. I have her license plate number. This is in Texas. What do I do


Go directly to the police station and file a hit and run report. Take all your evidence with you, including pictures of the damage to your car. Do this ASAP.

Daniel Araujo
well, first you can call the police and press charges, once you do that i recon you will need to find some witnesses, in case you may need to prove something, after all that is done you can take the person to court and get them to pay for the damage caused

Call the police and report her as a hit and run.

Better yet, call your insurance company and have them pursue her as a hit and run driver. After all, they have a financial motivation to see her tracked down and prosecuted whereas the police don't.

Who called and reported the accident to the police? There should be a record of that call. How long did you wait for the police to show up after the accident was reported?

Did she drive away simply because it was obvious that the police were not going to show up or was she trying to skirt her responsibilities. Keep in mind, that technically you too left the scene before the police showed up so you are just as guilty of leaving the scene of the accident.

Call the police

Report it, but it's probably not a lot of good now as all the witnesses will have disappeared

you should have called the police right away, but they should still be able to do something if you call them

You shouldn't have left the scene either until the police came.But,you can call and let them know her license plate # and ask that they come take a statement.Do you have witnesses?They can validate what occured,otherwise it will be her word against yours if it ends up in court,I wish you luck

Angela D
Call the police, explain what happened, and give them the number. They should be able to track her down, and hopefully there was damage done to her car as well, so they will be able to tell you're not lying.

hiht and run is a crime by itself

Where the accident happened, go to the Police Department who has the jurisdiction . File a hit and run report and give the Police the license plate of the vehicle. They will do the investigation (i.e. compare the damage on your vehicle to the damage on her vehicle.)

Weekend Warrior
Go to the police station and have them file a report. Make sure you take pictures of your car and the damage she's done to it and give that to them along with her license plate number. They'll find her in no time.

Nick M
call the police and report the accident. they will track down the car and the cars owner. then report the accident to your insurance if u need the car fixed.

Odessa R
report it to police , you have enough with tag number and dents they will compare everything and find the woman and the car !

allen s
you should get the police tell them than you take however that was to court

Tom M
Fortunately, thats all you need. Make a Police Report (They will give you an accident Report #) Then call you insurance Co. It happened to me and worked out well.

take it to the police and file a hit & run.

You needed to have called the police back several times till they came and let them take the report.

You need to go down to the station and file a report, but it will not have near as much effect now, Since the officers will only have your word, no evidence that they left the scene first, ( you also now have left the scene without reporting)

so they can't tell where the cars were located, how they flow of traffic was or anything.

Most likely they will merley take a report and just tell you to let your insurnace company take care of it.

Go to your nearest police station and ask if they can run the license plate for you. Also report that your accident was a hit and run. Explain the accident in its entirety to the police and go from there!

I hope you catch her!

Crosseyed Kitty
As the others have said, call the police and give them her plate number. She'll be in BIG trouble for leaving the scene of an accident!

If you have her plate # that is all you need.. Go to the police station and give them the #.. They will find her. And do what they need to. She might not have insurance, and thats why she fled, so be prepared to sue or pay for it yourself. Good Luck

1st Determine how much damage and if it is worth reporting to your insurance co. if it is go to step #2

Step#2 Go to Police station. File a report. Call your insurance co. Give them the info. When Police report is done send copy to Ins Co. Trust me....the Insurance Company WILL track her down. Don't wait. Do it now.

At least you have the plates. You should definately call the police and explain what happened and give them the plates. They have a database of license plates that they can use to find the registered owner of the vehicle that hit you, and while it's true that this may not actually be the person who hit you, the owner should have some kind of clue since it's THEIR car. Good Luck, I hope you get some justice.

oohhh...shes in big trouble then..just call ur insurance company and they will take care of it..if she doesnt have insurance which mostly likely thats the story then u r out of luck unless you have full coverage

Go to the police station, file a formal report.

Call your insurance company. They can run the license plate and determine whether that person had insurance or not and who their insurance company is. If it was her fault, then your insurance will work with her insurance to get you compensated. If by chance the car is not insured, you should have uninsured motorists coverage that will allow your insurance company to compensate you.

did u file a police report?
u need to do that first and then police will handle
the hit and run

Call the police, and explain them the situation. Tell them that she did a hit and run, but you got her license plate. Good Luck!

Go to the police dept. closet to the scene of the accident and give them plate number. the sooner you do it the better. shouldve done it yesturday right after it happen.

Mom madness
Report it to your insurance company. They will handle getting her info. I dont know about Texas but in California you hae to report it to the DMV.

Go to the police and report it.

The police dont come unless they are called.

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