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I was wondering if being nude on your own property and people can see. Can you be arrested is it illegal. brb?
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I was wondering if being nude on your own property and people can see. Can you be arrested is it illegal. brb?

If I were to go naked on my front porch or in my yard can I be arrested for being naked on my own property. Even if police, adults or children whom ever where to see me. Is it illegal. Thank


If people can see it's public nudity. Stupid law but what are ya gonna do?

Yes, doesn't matter where you are.

patti duke
These ones are referred to as nasty neighbors, your property or not you are not, by law, allowed to go "bearing the facts". If someone complains you can be ticketed for indecent exposure. It could be even nastier if children were present and exposed to your nudity.

I actually heard of a guy who liked to hang out naked in his backyard, and his neighbors would get mad. Finally a judge ruled that if he is in his back yard he can be naked and if the neighbors don't like it they shouldn't look over his fence, but if he had been naked in his front yard it would have been another story.

yes if your in public

it depends on your local ordinances it's not illegal everywhere. it also depends on if someone complains to the police and the police catch you, indecent exposure is a misdemeanor in most places but lewd behavior is more serious. don't play with yourself, just be naked, you will probably be told to put clothes on rather than be arrested. check on line for your local laws regarding this before you do anything

Who took my leg?
Just because you are on your own property doesn't mean you aren't in public. If you can be seen by any passer byers you can get arrested for public indecency or public nudity whatever they call it where you are. You could stand inside your house in front of a window naked though. But why would you want little kids to see you naked? That sounds kinda sick to me.

curiously strong
yes in most states there are obscenity/nudity laws. if you really feel the need to get naked and wander around outside put up at least a 12 ft. fence all around your property and then you can do whatever you like otherwise join a nudist colony.

It's called indecent exposure. If you want to walk around naked, you need a really high fence, and maybe a roof over all of your property.

Yes it is illegal, there are several laws that would encompass that.

It is illegal in most places.

In my ignorance, I wanted to say no, it's not illegal but after reading the previous responses, I see that it is and I kind of understand why.
I learned something - great!

In light of the fact that MOST people look better with their clothes ON, some should be arrested whenever they are nude.

yes its illegal s your purposely goin out in the nude in front of people, now if you did it in your back yard and had a privacy fence, then no, cuz that means people are tryin to look in your yard and shouldnt

Yep, it's illegal. It's called Indecent Exposure.

Yes, due to the public decency laws, what you are doing is illegal. Were it not visable by the public, you would be ok, but by showing yourself to the public, you are breaking the law.

you can and probably will be arrested

Yep its illegal.And you might go to jail naked too.

Raven Faust
Yes,it is called INDECENT Exposure ,happend to me before.

I walk around naked all the time on my property and I never had a problem. just do it

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