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If 2 persons (male) had the same DNA or fingerprints or both,commit a crime, who gets arrested?
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If 2 persons (male) had the same DNA or fingerprints or both,commit a crime, who gets arrested?

Two persons, both know each other, one knows both have either the same fingerprints, or DNA, or even both, winds up committing a crime and leaves his fingerprints behind. Let's say for the sake of arguement the other innocent guy's fingerprints are on file with the authorities, but not the other guy's & he commits a serious crime & doesn't get caught. Who goes to jail & pays for the crime?
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In this day and age, anything is possible! What if it were true that two males had the same fingerprints? What if it were possible? Would you still give the same old answer(s) because you've been conditioned to give it?


green eyes
it's impossible to have the same fingerprints or dna.

Jesse's Girl
Like everyone else has pointed out, no two people have the same DNA.

But living in your hypothetical, impossible world, the innocent guy who's in the system is probably going to be the one to take the rap.

Lucy E
Even identical twins do not have the same fingerprints. Impossible.

It's not possible to have the same DNA unless you have been cloned. The same idea goes along with fingerprints. Your question is not applicable.

Are u living in a fantasy world?? NOBODY has exactly the same DNA or fingerprints! That question can not be anwsered because that is not reality!

the same DNA...now that's funny!

DNA will only be the same in truly identical twins, which is not common. Fingerprints are not the same in any case, so they may arrest both, just until the lab results are in.

Even identical twins have unique fingerprints.


Michael R
There has been years and years of scientific evidence that proves two people would never have the same finger print and the same goes for DNA. All it would take is for two people to come forward with the same finger prints and the same DNA and then there would be mass chaos. Every person who was arrested and jailed by those identifiers would then have to be released from jail and rapists, murderers, and God know what else will be walking the streets once again.
So to answer your question they would have to find out another way to find people and convict them of a crime.

Good question, but it would cause mass chaos and I hope it never happens for everyone's sake!

no one has the same exact dna or especially, fingerprints.. that would never happen.. everyone is different, none the same

no two peoples have the same dna or same finger prints so this could never happen

big bad momma
the only way that can happen is if their twins but their finger prints would be different

a couple of years ago a set of identical twins were arrested because one of them committed murder. Both had the same DNA and fingerprints. Because they could not get to the truth they had to both be placed on prison until they could get the truth.
I dont know what ever happened to the case though

Yes they both get arrested because they are conjoined twins !

I'm pretty sure in that condition they would have to have someone plead guilty and if they knew each other wouldn't they tell the detectives about the other person?

DNA is individual...no 2 ppl have identical DNA

PS Drummer
Hypothetical question since no-one has the same dna or fingerprint....obviously the one with the record gets busted.

John Hightower
Saw something interesting about DNA a while back on cable (Discovery? Titled: I Am My Twin).

Seems a very small percentage of people (crimoras - spelling is wrong) may have 2 or more sets of DNA. Whether or not they match the DNA the police have - would depend on what type of DNA sample you take from them.

Different organs in their body has different DNA signatures. The condition occurs when the mother has two pregnant eggs merge and gives birth to one child which has both sets of DNA.

This question is moot, since no two people can have the same DNA and fingerprints.

I'm Gonna Tell You
Sounds like something from the movie "The Island".

Ask Judge Judy, she can spot a liar across a crowed court room!

Jim B
the person that didn't have an alibi.

joe d
No 2 people could have genetically the same DNA or fingerprints... even within a family, certain strands of DNA are different enough to tell individuals apart.

no two people have the same fingerprints. even identical twins do not have the same fingerprints.

and. no its not possible EVER. fingerprints are unique and are developed naturally, and is affected by what you touch, do and put your hands through on a daily basis.

You lost it with the fingerprints.
Wnd what would be the odds? How many zeroes can you add behind the number1?

Maillot Jaune
That is not possible. Stop watching sci-fi, honey.

That is impossible. No 2 people have the same DNA or fingerprints.

Clown Knows
A mans DNA is different from a woman's DNA because the man has a Y chromosome and the woman does not. Also, as of yet no two people have been found with the exact same fingerprints or DNA. Your scenario is not logical because it is so improbable.

Truth Hurts
Your question is right to some extent...identical twins have the same DNA I believe....so if one twin said they didn't commit the crime, then their lawyer would have to just say, it wasn't him and you can't prove it was him...let's just eliminate the fact that prints were left behind. The lawyer could say you can't prove which twin it was...Depending on the case, they could get a lie detector involved, but even that's not 100%.

DNA and fingerprints are different for everyone, so that wouldn't happen.

But to answer - the person who appears to be guilty, or whom the authorities will have an easier time convicting.

what planet are you on?

Click on
and read "Who's your daddy?"

It's about identical twins in a pickle.

The one guy with the bloody knife in his hand, LOL.

look it up its possible to have the same DNA in identical twins, however finger prints are different, so If an identical twin's DNA were found in a murder case with no finger prints, the authorities wouldnt be able to tell which twin that DNA came from because Identical twins are alike when it comes to physical attributes and DNA everything excluding fingerprints

If a person receives a bone marrow transplant their DNA will mutate to that of the donor

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