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If I got a poss of marijuana charge, but it wasn't mine, but i actually gave it to the cops...?
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If I got a poss of marijuana charge, but it wasn't mine, but i actually gave it to the cops...?

and they wrote me the ticket, is it too late for me to tell them that it was someone elses?

They came to my house, harassed me awhile, I wouldn't let them in, but they threatened to get a warrant, so I went inside, grabbed the bag off the table, and gave it to the cops.

I assumed I would be in trouble anyway since it was my place, but I guess that's not the case.

My question, is it possible to let them know it wasn't mine if the person who I took the fall for is willing to tell the whole story and admit it was his? How would I go about that, in court?


robert b
You and owner of pot go see District Attorney (City,County,State D.A.?) and talk .Your charges may be dropped,or reduced.Dont be suprised if your charges stand,and friend is ALSO charged.

it depends on the cop and the courts system. if they are willing to let the person who's marijuanaa it was admit that it was theirs they can just throw your case out. but since the marijuana was in your house they can charge you with a maintain and dwelling which is a felony saying that you had the stuff in your residence. which you did. even though it wasn't yours in was in your house. but you said they only gave you a ticket. so yes tell them it was not yours and the person who's it was is willing to testify to the fact that it was his.

ive been in this situation.. although u didnt tell us how much of weed u had, im assuming it was over 3.5 grams. I got arrested for carrying about 4 grams on me and the guy i was holding it for came up and confessed it was his, i was just holding it so he can go into a court room to get a license plate renewal sticker. They charged us both.. they charged him with ownership of illegal narcotics. I swear it wouldof been better if he never said anything.

If it was in your car, your house, your pocket, your purse, your hand, your shoe ... IT'S YOURS.

YOU are "in possession" of it, whether it's "yours" or not.

Next time they show up without a warrant, DON'T LET THEM IN !

Best of luck!!

Noooo you'll get in trouble for having pot anywhere anytime, except maybe Amsterdam. Have you gotten a lawyer or anything for court? If you could get a statement signed by the other person and bring that person into court you might get a lighter sentence, but the fact that you had it is still going to get you a punishment. No matter who it belongs to, you knew it was an illegal substance yet still had it in your possession.

About 2 weeks ago i stopped down a friends house. We was smoking some weed. So when we was finished he noticed 2 policeman coming in his yard. So he goes outside and about a couple seconds later he calls me outside. He tells the police what we were doing. Then they searched me and didn't find anything! They then asks us is anything else in the house? They didn't even have a search warrant!! So my friend told them that he had some more weed in the house. He tells them that it is HIS weed! So they go in the house for about 15 minutes. So when the poice and my friend come outside the poilceman gave me a piece of paper and said for me to call him! So last night i got arrested because i had a warrant for my arrest. And come to find out it was for the situation that i just told you about! They didn't even take me to jail 2 weeks ago why wait til' now? So can i be charged with something that wasn't mine to begin with and they already have a confession from the owner?

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