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If I have a warrant and I go to court with half of the money I owe, will the judge still send me to jail?
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If I have a warrant and I go to court with half of the money I owe, will the judge still send me to jail?


Joe S
He could. Better be ready with a legitimate excuse and a realistic date of when the remainder of the money will be paid back if you are allowed to do so.

its totally up to him, just hope you get a compassionate judge and next time take care of things before they get this out of control

If the judge thinks you are worthy of it he will let you .. its up to him

I'm afraid the warrant means they will put you in jail even if you have all the money you owe. The warrant means you probably missed a deadline or a court date so they decided to arrest you, even for a little while.

If you take half the money and have a plan about how you are going to pay the rest you have a pretty good chance of staying out. Most judges only want to put people in jail as a last resort. If you show that you are serious about paying the money off, however long that may take, and do it you should be fine.
Good Luck

i would try to mail in the monye play it safe

Lawn Gnome
Probably not, you are making an effort at your obligations and the court should take that in consideration. If he places you in jail, you can make no $ to pay, so it is illogical to place you in custody when you are demonstrating and effort to abide by the original ruling.

That_ blue_ eyed_ Irish_ lass
Most likely yes . You must have all the money that you owe

it depends on what you did and how much your restitution is?

yes, a warrant is for arrest but it doesn't mean you'll go to jail. it depends on what the charges are and what is due.

It also depends if the any of the charges have to do with violence and your past record. Depending on if your state or fed the bonding process is different. you may or may not have to post bond.

if you edit your question with more detail, i can probably help you out.

from the way it sounds, i do not believe you will go to jail.

Most likely, yes. It costs the courts money to process a warrant and serve it. So it's comparable to charging a credit card, not paying it, and then in the hopes of keeping your rate low, you want to make a partial monthly payment. The company will only entertain your requests to keep your rates at the present rate only if you can either pay the minimumm payment or total balance on the card. Honestly if you have more time than money, consider doing the time rather than paying your fines.

PLEASE overlook any typos! lol

If you have a warrant you need to go to the court house and try to make arrangements to pay what you owe, before your court date.

If you go to court it ususally depends upon the judge. If you were given ample time and you did not make arrangements, the liklihood of your going to jail is moreso. But if you are trying they see that, and are easier on you. This is why I said try to now BEFORE the court date, if you show a willingness to try, they see things a little differently than had you no tried at all.

If you do go to court and have no evidence of trying beforehand, they will ask you to pay it in FULL before you leave to the clerk. If you can't then they process you into jail.

Now if this is a mistimenor it is less likely you will go to jail, and the judge will work out payments with you. If it is a felony, that is another story.

Sweet Mamacita
Depends on the judge and city you are in, were I live there is not room in the jails, so they will allow you to pay half the fine, and tell you when the need the remainder. Now if your town has lots of room in jail, they might take you....just kidding, just tell them this is all you have but will pay in full by such or such day.

Probably not.
Most bench warrants are for unpaid speeding tickets.
They are best handled as soon as possible.
Showing up in court shows your willingness to work with the court to pay your fines.
The jails are for real criminals, and not traffic offenders.
But, that said, if you just wait to be picked up, then yes, you will end up in jail.
Go to the court and let them know you are trying to make good on your debt and give them a realistic timeframe in which to pay.
Most judges will work with you, I believe.

Marty B
get a lawyer

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