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If The Police Come To Your Home To Question You, Do You Have To Let Them In, Or Even Talk To Them?
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If The Police Come To Your Home To Question You, Do You Have To Let Them In, Or Even Talk To Them?

I've noticed on episodes of Law and Order, or Without A Trace, when they go and question possible witnesses or suspects, that they get the door closed in their faces, refusals to talk, etc. I know these shows aren't reality, so in the "real world", is it not necessarily required for you to talk to the officers if they approach you?


Blue Steel & Lace
You don't have to say anything to anyone whether they have a warrant or not.
The 5th amendment guarantees that.
Now if they have a warrant to search your house and you won't let them in, prepare to have the door opened by force.

as far as i know the only thing required of you is to tell them who you are and produce identification they can question you but you dont have to answer them and can request a lawyer they are not allowed to come into your house unless you allow them to they must have a search warrant signed by a judge and are only allowed at that point to look for the person/thing on the reason for the search warrant- my favorite thing to say is im not talking to you so am i under arrest or am i free to go

The Mr. Pine
Generally no.

Generally speaking the answer is no..you may want to look up The Miranda rights.As far as the guy who said it's in your best interests to talk to them I say this..Any criminal lawyer will tell you the exact opposite.Hence the statement anything you say CAN and WILL be used AGAINST YOU! in a court of law.
My advice is to ask 4 a lawyer anytime the police start asking you for info.because you have the right and also you cannot be penalized for making the request.Further more you might say things like "I can't recall" and "I don't think so",as these are evasive and don't lock you into one story,however it is best to say nothing at all.
One other thing if you really know what your doing you may talk and know what to say ,but it is a dangerous move because sometime's bad things happen to good people and if your **** ends up going before a jury the truth may not count so much as who makes a more convincing argument,you/your lawyer or the D.A..

mario t. reoyan
be sure that they have court order,or warrant if no i would not let them to interrogate me as far my constitutional rights is concern.

Teresa A
it seems to me that if they have a warrant you would have to let them in, but if they don't i guess it would be at your own discretion.

Warrant or no warrant, hot pursuit or not, you don't have to talk to anyone. Will it help you to stay completely silent? Maybe, but sometimes a well placed denial will bring the he said/she said into play and the police will write the incident off.

Yak Rider
Any attorney will tell you never to submit to being questioned by the police without having an attorney representing you present.

The police are under no obligation to tell you the truth before, during or after questioning.

As long as they are not in the door way when you slam it on them they cant do anything, if you hit them with the door its assult. You dont have to talk to them. If they approach you nicely and give their name and ask you to answer a few questions to help them figure out a crime that has been going on in your housing area then it would be good to give them any information you can to protect your self or your property from criminals.

Remember the golden rule of customer service. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Police officers are basiclly CSR or customer service representives and should always be conserned about your needs and not intrude on you or your time.

No, you DON'T have to talk to them, but in doing so, you make it appear that you have something to hide. It is advisable to talk to them, even if you have nothing worthwhile to tell them.

no you are not required to let them in or talk to them.

it depends on what they come asking about. you certainly have the right to refuse any information if it is about a crime, you can wait for a lawyer. but you can certainly tell them you do not want to talk with them. be warned that if you choose to not talk to them and close the door in their face, it would appear to them that you may be hidding something. after all, if you have nothing to hide....


u dont have to let them in the house....( u might ask do u have a warrent) but u could talk to em outside....it also depends y they come talk to u

You don't have to unless they have a warrant to search or a warrant for an arrest.

You don't have to say a word without them showing you a warrant. If there's a "hot persuit" where there's probable cause then you must talk, but they'll let you know if you ask them. Just say you don't wish to speak now and if it's within your rights in that situation they will actually leave. If they insist, there must be an immidiate reason for their presence and they would make an arrest; otherwise say you need a lawyer.

They do not have the right to enter or search your house. about talking to them i'm not very sure.

Its in your best interests to talk to them in real life. Unless you have a camera recording the event, in which case you have to let them know first or it can't be used in court.

if you're innocent why wouldn't you?
if you're guilty what do you have to lose?

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