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If a 17 year old runs away from home, what can the parents and police do? PLEASE ANSWER!?
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If a 17 year old runs away from home, what can the parents and police do? PLEASE ANSWER!?

My best friend left her home, and stayed with her boyfriend for two weeks. She now wants to come live here with my mom and I. we have no problem with it, but we want to know what her mom can do. Her mother is "forcing" her to go home, but she doesn't feel safe there. her mother is constantly kicking her out, screaming at her, hitting her, etc. HER MOM KICKED HER OUT, BUT IS NOW CLAIMING SHE RAN AWAY! her mom also has a handicapped daughter, and uses my best friend as a babysitter. my best friend feels like she is not treated fairly. We live in MA, if that helps. can her mom force her to come home? and what if she were to go speak to an authority figure, and ask to legally live with my mother and I, how would she go about doing that? any information/websites are GREATLY appreciated, thanks!


Wow this same EXACT thing happend to my friend. Well, if her mom has filed a missing persons report, and the police find her with your mother, your mother can go to jail, and if you hide her, and the police find out your mother can be charged with abedding a minor, because any child who is reported as a run-away instantly has broken the law and will be taken to juvee until the parents come and pick her up. The only thing she can really do is turn herself in a file for emancipation and explaim that she doesnt feel safe living with her mother and that she has a place she can safely stay.

There are many programs for children like this you just have to find them but becareful, some are on the parents side no matter what and the real ones look out for kids interests i have a really good one, but i cant see mto find the number, illl get back to you and let you know :)

my sister did the same thing. if shes almost 18 i'd say stick it out. if she has a while to go, go speak to the local police. get a court date and have your mom become her so called "foster parent"

Because she is claiming her mom uses her for daycare and she is being abused.She can call CPS child protective services.and tell them the story and they will more than likely let her stay there with you until the court hearing which could take months.by than she might be 18.But if the authorities find her before you do this legal, whoever she is staying with can be charged with harboring a runaway.

Lady Strange
She should contemplate being emancipated.

fluffy in Cali
Her mom has to say that so she will not get in big trouble. Contributing to the delinquency comes into mind when you mention your mom.

My brother did the same thing. he came to live with me afterleaving our mother, who was a very dysfunctional person. She had the cops at my door that night. My fiance and I had previously called a Judge in Boston (friend of the family) He stated to us, that if the child is over sixteen, a parent cannot legally kick their child out, but a child can legally leave the home. Because my brother was seventeen, it made for a stronger case. I should also mention that he was not my biological brother but a child placed in my mothers home by the Dept. of Social Services. When I spoke with the police and showed that he had a safe home, a room of his own and food on the table. They spoke with him separately to make sure he was not being held against his will, and to ask why he left. After the stories he told, the police suggested WE file for a restraining order and that he could stay.

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