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If a cop doesn't have a badge?
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If a cop doesn't have a badge?

If a cop can't produce a badge when asked do you have to obey them? Cause i know that there has been a lot of impersonators of cops on the news who kidnap people and stuff. And i thought that might be a defense if you ran from an actual cop.
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in regards to 'trooper3316', VERY realistic cop uniforms are available from most fancy dress/R18+ shops so i wouldn't trust a uniform.


If the officer is in uniform, there is no requirement for him to identify himself further. If he is in plain clothes, he should show you and ID without being asked.

Your best course of action is to call the department to confirm his identity. A plain clothes officer should understand this.

Don S
I would not obey and call a cop myself.

most cops wear there badges on their uniform.. a detective is the ones that carry they badges in their wallets..

and truthfully, would you know a real badge from a fake one.?

you can contact your PD and tell them that the officer at your residence/vehicle does not have a badge. Give a good discription of the person and they will be able to tell you if they have a Police Officer in your area.

If they do not...you need to try and leave the scene, and head to your local pd... or lock your doors and stay on the phone until a uniformed officer gets there. Inform the person that you are on the phone with the police and that they are on their way.

most policemen and women have their bade on their uniform, unless they are in civillian clothes, which then if they stop you, they should tell you what agency they work for and also show you their badge!

"can't produce" sounds like his/her identity has already been challenged and he/she has failed to come up with a badge....not a cop is a safe assumption. get away and call cops...tell them to be sure and bring badges or there will be trouble. lol

i would bolt.

No badge - no cop

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