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If a man is getting a disability social security check and goes to prison for murder will he still get a check
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If a man is getting a disability social security check and goes to prison for murder will he still get a check


No. Disability is meant to replace the wages that you would make if you were not disabled. You would not get wages from you old job while in prison, therefore you would not get disability in prison either. Don't take the "you" personally... easier to think and type in second person than third person.



de bossy one
social security is not paid to anyone who is incarcerated, but may be paid once the person is released.

You don't go to jail for free. If he was getting a social security check, most likely it'll go to the state for "room and board charges" until it runs out.

Nope that ends when he goes 2 prison once he gets out he might get it back

Doubt it

i'm susan
i don't know about prison but i've seen an inmate sentenced to a year county jail and for the year he was there, his SSI (disability) check was direct deposited to his bank every month.
i have even seen state jail inmates receive SSI......those are minor felonies.

now you know where your tax dollars really go

Cynthia D
YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!! HE would probably LOVE that but definitely NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvie Ruth

NO. 30 days in any Jail and any benefits that you are owed or that you earned is denied.

helo pilot cfi
no benefits will be paid while incarcerated

You are required to notify SSI if you are incarcerated for 30 days or more and payments will be stopped until released.

My grandfather did 5 years. No checks.

No, the only benefits they are entitled to are education and rehabilitations from federal government. Example Pell Grant.

Cynthia B
i believe the rules say SS benefits are not generally paid to person for time confined to an institution by court order,at public expense. however,family members who qualify can continue to receive benefits based on that persons work.


3D Farms
He should not , but if he has kids , they should .

I will be released April 3rd,2011. When will I get my Social Security Disability check back?

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