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If an officer writes incorrect data on a traffic ticket, is it dismissed when I contest it?
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If an officer writes incorrect data on a traffic ticket, is it dismissed when I contest it?

I have a citation that I am contesting by written declaration. The officer wrote on the ticket that I have a 1985 vehicle. In point of fact, it's a 1995 vehicle. I'm sure this will be taken into consideration, but will this fact alone dismiss the ticket? Thanks everyone.


Yes it should get you out of a ticket. I got out of one because the officer spelled my last name wrong.


I had a ticket that was written for me doing 62 in a 42, when in fact it was 62 in a 45. It was immediately dismissed by the clerk and I didn't even have to go to court.

Movie Guy
My brother is a trucker, and when he gets a ticket he always takes it to court, and he usually wins. He stragedy is to keep postponing the court date, because hopefully the officer will forget to show up after it's been changed so many times. Also, some counties (some in FL for one) don't pay the cops to go to traffic court, and make them go on their day off. Guess how many of them show up? Not many! When they don't show up, the judge automatically dismissed it.

And I'd say you have a good case if there's innacurate data. Go for it!

I am glad you know this will be taken into consideration, because it would not in any court where I have ever worked.

The judge would tell the officer to write more clearly next time, or even a joke about the year of the card, and then ask you if you have any evidence to support your claim that you are not guilty.

So nope don't expect it to have any bearing on the case being dismissed. IF you would like, since the statue of limiation is not over, they can dismiss that ticket and merely write you a new one at the court house with the correct info, since the ticket is merley a summons to appear.

so I would say you are better off looking at the evidence of the case

Country Girl for Life
They will not dismiss a ticket because of this. It makes no difference at all if an error was made on the vehicle infomation, if you contest it you will still have to pay the ticket.

You can quite rightly claim that the vehicle described is not yours. But you will probably not be successful in any attempts to avoid payment. If it goes to court, it will be judged as an acceptable error, which still determines that your car is in breach of the law, regardless of the faux pas.

no you could try but want matter.

no. Usually only if they got the violation wrong, not the vehicle type.

Drive carefully.

Judge Dredd
More than likely not. People get lucky once in a blue moon but it doesn't happen often. Your taking a chance because I've seen some judge's get bent if you take that to court. Then again the judge may just shrug still find you guilty and tack on a court fee. So if you want to listen to the YAHOO! ANSWERS lawyers, take it to court.

nahh they still going to try to take your money this is the end of the month that cop was trying to meet his quota unfornately you got caught and are probably innocent

Nope. You can try, but it won't do any good.

‚ô•Hon‚ô• Luvs the Lizard King!
No. I once got a ticket and the last name was totally different than mine, but I still had to pay for it

pat s

Fred C
Sorry, but you are likely out of of luck. If the make, plate #, and driver are correct, as well as the date, and location, a malformed digit is really small potatoes. If you are contesting because you are not guilty, good luck, but if you are contesting because you can't afford another mark on your licence, I am afraid it's tough noogies.

not a chance. good luck trying though. be careful... if you go into court your fine could multiply because the judge sets the fine.

Lori H
Were you speeding? Instead of trying to "Beat" a ticket because he inadvertantly wrote the wrong year, pay it and admitt you were wrong instead of trying to find a loop hole to crawl thru. Chances are the traffic stop is on tape. So it doesn't matter if he got the year wrong on your car.

Also Police Officers don't have quotas "hey you wrote a hundred tickets this year, your wife gets a toaster over", thats stupid,

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