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If arrested and held for questioning,how long can the police hold you for?
Find answers to your legal question.

If arrested and held for questioning,how long can the police hold you for?

Can they extend that time? If yes,for how long?...
Additional Details
I havent done anything!
A friend of mine asked me the question as her boyfriend has been arrested,he is waiting to be questioned by the police.
He has been a naughty boy but what the 'crime' is we dont know!...


jamie m
48 hours. They then can apply to a magistrate for a further period if they really suspect you are holding back on info.

John D
If he is under arrest and in custody, they can hold him for a "reasonable" period before taking him to jail.

shirley v
is 48 hours if you are not charge

24 hours but they can ask for extensions in the case of serious crimes and if its terrorism its 3 or 5 days depending on how long they decide to hold you

depend on the crime theft 72 hours but more serious crimes IE terrorists well check out Guantanamo bay although if its minor and you did it i always found signing for it and was bailed pretty quick

After 24 hours a superintendent can extend by 12 hrs then if further extension required the suspect can be taken before magistrates court this only applies to none terrorist offences.These times refer to custody without charge if you are charged then a remand in custody would be applied for at court if neccessary.

it all depends on your laws. in texas is is 3 days and then they have to charge you or release you

72 hours.

in my city it is twenty hours. that gives the officer time to get a warrant from a judge. if a warrant is issued and bond set they can hold you until you come up with the bond or until court.


the police can only hold you for 6 hours unless charged. in scotland but i dont know about any where else

They can hold you for 72 hours.

They must charge and schedule a hearing for within 72 hours of arrest and mandatory custody, or they must release you.

72 hours is the max they can be held for, before they need to charge them, they can also go to the court and ask for a further 48 hours, after that they need to be released,hope that helps, keep safe,all the best

Steven C
In the USA if you are arrested they can hold you until your trail if no bail was set. They can hold you until your bail is posted if bail was set at a certain amount. If you are arrested but not charged formally then we have 72 hours to let you go. Or you can be held for that same amount of time (72 hours) on a mental hold.

Here you go for the genuine info : http://www.yourrights.org.uk/your-rights/chapters/the-rights-of-suspects/police-powers-of-arrest/police-detention.shtml

linda p
48hour and then they have to apply to a judge to keep you longer

Oh dear what have you done??
24 hours, then extend for another 48 hours
or if your a terrorist 90 days I guess.

HA HA at you!
The police can and will do whatever they feel like. They can hold you as long as they want or let you out whenever they feel like!

Just look at Paris Hilton! If it wasnt for the media, she would have been home in 3 days and stayed there.

When you ask a legal question without saying where you are, not even the country, you will get a lot of different answers from all over the world that will be the wrong answer for you.

In the US, unless you are being held under the Patriot Act, the answer would be at least 72 hours. Courts are closed weekends, so it has to be 72 hours so that they can hold you all weekend and charge you on Monday.

If they don't, then you can talk about "habeas corpus".

Usually it,s 24 hours, they can extend it to 72 hours, then apply for an indefinite period depending on the crime.

The Parthian
Depends on where you were arrested, what law is controlling, what the charge was, how long was normal and what is extended?
Too few facts to give an answer.
Get a lawyer.

Without charging you they can only hold you for 72 hrs.

After that they will have to charge you with what you have been accused or let you walk away.

depends what you were areested for u can be held for up to 28 days thanks to recent events soon to be extended to 90 days dont worry though it will make the daily mail readers sleep easier

3 days without charge they then have to charge you or release you. I think it also depends on the crime.

Without charging you I think 72 hours.

If someone is "arrested" then the police can keep them as long as it takes for he or she to bond out. That individual can refuse to speak to Law Enforcement without an attorney present. Find new friends.

undercover elephant
36 hours, extendable by application to a court by 24 hours, and upto a maximum of 72 hours. Or 90 days on a terrorism matter, before being shipped to Guantanamo on a rendition flight to be beaten and anally probed.

Doctor John
If this sham democratic government gets its way..indefinitely

Habaes Corpus. They can hold you without reason for 24 hours. If they charge you, you're stuck. Seriously, these people don't know a dam* thing.

Lori K
If you are charged, you can be held until trial. If you aren't charged, I believe it's 48 hours.

i t depends some are 48 some are 72

Politico Pablo
Doesn't seem to be any agreement on how long police in the U.S. can keep you in custody for questioning. How about they can interrogate you in shifts for 36 hours straight until you talk. Always ask to consult with a local attorney.

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