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If i have a warrant out for my arrest,will it expire on its own or do i have to hand myself in?
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If i have a warrant out for my arrest,will it expire on its own or do i have to hand myself in?


Ian UK
I would suggest that you hand yourself in. There are many Police powers that can be used for an arrest and at the end of the day, you can run but you can't hide.

You'll get caught eventually and it will look better on you if you hand yourself in.

I certainly wouldn't want to be looking over my shoulder all the time

You need to turn yourself in or get an attorney. My sister moved to Florida and found out she had an old warrant that didn't just go away.

A warrant for arrest never expires.

It will never expire. If you get stopped for a traffic violation the police will haul you off to jail.

It would be better to turn yourself in at your own convenience and probably with a lawyer in tow.

Well you know the answer to this. Years from now you could get pulled over in another state and get pulled in for it.

Even if convicted the fact that you owned up and turned yourself in will make the judge consider your sentencing. Since you have shown responsibility in turning yourself in maybe you don't need such a harsh sentence.

Some depends on the charge. Is it major? Whatever you do ask for a lawyer or better yet talk to one ahead of time. Either way get a good meal and then go face the music. It will be better that way.

Where are you? - the legislation varies massively from country to country (or even state to state in the US)

Arrest warrants or failure to appear warrants never expire. Turning yourself in is always the best action to take...unless you're an illegal alien...then...just run and never come back.

be responsible for your actions and hand yourself in. will only look worse if you dont and its not going to go away unfortunately.

mad keith
it never expires

Before it expires it will be renewed you can rest assured, if I was U I give myself up it will be better for you and good luck

a warrant never expires.....just wait till they come and kick your door in...

You are a wanted man and it wont expire!
Hand yerself in for your crime!
if you cant do the time - dont do the crime!

Ben G
A warrant never expires.

I suggest you go to court early on a weekday morning, or to a police station even earlier. Getting there too late may mean you are arrested and kept in over night if the court can't accomodate you that day.

Bonnie Lynn
Hire an attorney and voluntarily hand yourself over.

run man run.... and keep runnng..lets see how long you can go on the run for...

dont be a chicken sh+t and hand yourself in just run be free...

Mark A
it will expire, but only after 5 years from date of issue.

why mi
my brother hasa warrant out 4 his arrest over 22 years ago never go into no trouble is it still alive in uk

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