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If my bond is revoked, do they arrest me on the spot, or is there a hearing first?
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If my bond is revoked, do they arrest me on the spot, or is there a hearing first?

Will there be a hearing first? My lawyer can fight the revocation right? If it's not a serious violation they could just put harsher conditions on me as part of my conditions of bond right??


If your bond is revoked you will be taken into custody! If you have commited another crime while on bond, that in itself is a crime. Once the court revokes your bond the police don't come looking for you right away but the Bondsman does! They are still liable for the value of the bond until you are taken into custody. If the bondsman hears you have been arrested again they will summarily revoke your bond. In most cases they will re bond you.

they can arrest you on the spot, then you deal with your lawyer from there

mike g
they arrest you on the spot

‚ô•Spiky Sandy‚ô•
You are arrested right away if your bond if revoked. Your lawyer could fight the revocation, but you would still be arrested first, then the hearing.

If you are out on bail, and your bail ( bond) is revoked at court, then the minute it is revoked, you no longer have a bond and you are put into custody.

Who is wanting to revoke your bond, the DA, the judge, the bail bondsmen

if you are using a bail bondsman, go see him, he can either be your best buddy though this or your worst nightmare

They can also increase the amount of your bond also

When they see you, they arrest you. Most times the lawyer cannot fight this or will get no where

The Good Humor Man
When your bond is revoked a bench warrant is issued for your arrest.

Run Forrest, RUUUuuuuun!!!

They will arrest you, then there should be a hearing at some point. You attorney, and judge, and PO (if applies) will talk and decide what they want to do. They may put you in jail for so long, or place you on stricter probation, etc... It depends on the people and your crime history and what type of charge you violated your bond on.

hawg reeler
yeah, you better get out of town

Kevin R
Sorry buddy, but its like having a warrent at that time,,. it depends on the cop to see if you'd be arrested on the spot though. Some cops are nice and will say - get it taken care of - while the one that arrested my friend didnt care, he just took him away after he cought him off roading.

i believe that it is on the spot but i wouldn't try it to find out

Former police officer/current attorney...

Usually, in Indiana at least, a warrant is issued for the persons arrest. When they are picked up they go to the local jail, and wait for a hearing date. At the hearing you may either plead guilty to the violation, and the Judge determines the punishment. If you plead innocent a future hearing will be set where witnesses can present evidence. If found guilty, the Judge will determine the punishment. Further, in Indiana the court will ask at your initial hearing if you wish to speak to an attorney.

If you are arrested without a warrant the same procedure is usually followed. In Indiana probation officers do have arrest powers.

I have seen Judges extend or place more severe restrictions on violators. Hope this helps...

only time they will revoke a bond is. you are arrested while on bond and they will no-bond you. you fta on a bond or court date
( failure to appear ). if your asking about a speeding ticket or something not serious like that. then i wouldn't worry about it. but if its revoked your taken in to custody right then.

you are in some deep water young lady. if your bail is revoked, it mean you are going into custody. the judge will either hold you no bail/no release, set a larger amount, or release you to a more restrive form of pretrial release. aka the ankle bracelet/home confinement.

no once your bond is revoked, you can be arrested on the spot, but only once the warrant has been issued, I suggest you turn yourself in and save the embarrasment of being arrested in public, yes the condition go back to what the original charge was and could be raised, that all depends on how you present yourself once ur are arraigned infront of the judge for a new bond

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