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If my lodger is dealing drugs from my house, who would get in trouble, him or me as the landlord?
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If my lodger is dealing drugs from my house, who would get in trouble, him or me as the landlord?

i live in the house also



I think you will be in serious trouble - if you have this drug problem in your house [your property] your best course of action is to report same to the police. This way you are covered, you have 'done something about it'.

There is no sympathy for the 'drug pusher' and there will be less than none for you if you do nothing.

Both of you - him for dealing and you for permitting it .

Just inform the police, or you could be counted as an accessory for with holding the information.

both of you

If you know he is dealing, you can get in trouble as well!

MiRaNdA rOsE
both of u him for selling and u for bein aware and doing nothing

If your tennant is dealing drugs actually under your roof and you do not report it, when you know about it, you will be accused of aiding and abetting and that carries a jail sentence.
You do not have to prove anything to the police when you report the drug dealing, that's the Police job. Go and report it today and get this scum out of your house and off the streets.

Both of you would get in trouble, especially if the police can prove you had knowledge before hand. Proof could easily be found in your computer, now that you've posted that fact here.

if you know about it and do nothing then (if he gets caught) you both get in the doo-doo.

If you report it to the rozzers then you are the one who is actively declaring it as a criminal offence and therefore unlikely (very unlikely) to be implicated.

Personal advice, if you can avoid involving the police that would probably make things easier. Speak with the tennant and say that you are not going to put up with this and ask him to leave.

do you know the police could find you just from this post? They do not have to have your computer to do that...an I would think they have people watching these sites. You know with the Homeland Security program now working and all.

treys girl
my father rented a house out to these people when he evicted them for not paying and had started to move in me and my brother found a joint on the bathroom floor, we called the sheriff to come out with a k9 dog and see if he found anymore, which he did, he said that if we had not called and told them what had gone on and something had happened, then my father would be the one that got charged bc those people no longer lived there, he also said that if my father had lived with them and knew of what they were doin then he too would be charged with posession, but since my father called the sheriff and explained what had happened all they did was take the joints and flush them, so if i was you i would do anything and everthing possible to get that person out of your house and then call the cops to sweep your house

the way forfeiture laws are practiced, you could lose your house.

You should figure out a way to get the guy out and if you can't do that safely, talk to a lawyer about other options to protect yourself.

People's property has been seized when the cops find a pot seed in the carpet.

Both of you, report him to the polce.

you phone the police, they get in trouble

You could get into trouble as well if you do not take proactive steps to remove the problem/illegal activity from your house.

Both, if you are aware of it and have not reported it, you are an accessory to the cime.

Ok, if you did not live with him and he was renting from you, just him (provided you have no knowledge he was dealing drugs) you'd be fine. However, as you live with him and have knowledge of it and he is paying you (likely with drug money) for rent, you'll likely both be in trouble. Now, you probably won't be in as much trouble as him, but still in trouble none the less. My suggestion to you is that you talk with your attorney about how you can terminate your tenants lease or rental agreement over it, or if you should go to the police with this information. If you get him evicted from your property, you won't need to worry about it. On the other hand, you have to do this in a legal way or he could sue you civilly for evicting him without due cause (unless there's a drug dealing or similar clause in your agreement). But, if you contact the police, they won't have charges filled against you as long as you testify against your tenant for dealing drugs out of your property. Again, consult your attorney as soon as possible about this to keep you out of hot water. He/She will know if you can evict them based on the lease or if you should go to the police. Also, if you go to the Police Station, bring your attorney with you. By doing this, you can achieve the best possible outcome for this situation.

Captain Sarcasm
Both, him for dealing, you for allowing your premises to be used for the supply of drugs plus you for aiding and abetting or conspiracy to supply. Kick him out or call the Police and show you are not involved. Or wait for them to put your front door in early one morning. Act now or this is big trouble, you can't bury your head in the sand on this one.

You just admitted that someone is dealing drugs from your house, and you haven't contacted the Police. You'll both be arrested, and your property could be seized.

Well, said Alberto
Mainly him but if you know what's going on & say nothing its going to look very dodgy. Kick him out the door.

both of you, him for the dealing and you for assisting an offender, get him out !! these drug dealers are the scum of the earth, i have lost count of the number of kids i have seen out of there head. how can you let him do this??

both of you. talk to your lawyer and get eviction papers ready. make sure your homeowner's insurance policy is updated.

Kevan M
Both of you would. I would get him evicted at once, you do have grounds to chuck him out if he is under contract as he is using your house for illegal activities.
Personnally I would give him notice and tell him to get out within a few days or the Police will become involved.

If someone is caught for dealing of drugs in a house, all the occupants and the landlord will be investigated. Nevertheless, do not worry because if you can prove your innocence, you will not be charged under the law because you are only an occupant of the the house.

both of you, really not a good idea!!!! if you know it's going on stop it now, not worth the risk,hope that helps,good luck.

steve j
him for selling..you for allowing him to sell

amy w
Possible both. More so him. However, you know have knowledge of the offense. Unless you call the police ASAP, you can be considered an accessory for not reporting it.

Kick him out!!

paul t
you are an accessorie before the fact , yes you would get done as well

Ian UK
From the answers received so far, I would imagine that you know by now what you need to be doing.

Rather than asking everyone on answers what you should do, get in touch with the Police ASAP.

There is an offence of allowing your premises to be used for drug dealing so if you know about it, get it stopped. If you have just found out about it and you are the one that reports it then you shouldn't get into trouble. You may however be under investigation yourself so that the Police can confirm your innocence but if you've got nothing to hide then you've got nothing to worry about.

Good luck

Kasey C
Both of you, in various degrees.

He will be in trouble for possession, and if qty is large enough, add "with intent to distribute".

You as landlord will not be DIRECTLY affected though you will be heavily questioned by police to make sure you are NOT an accomplice. If he's been dealing a while, you may be sued through civil court by local city government to evict him and clean up, or get rid of the house altogether and let the other landlord deal with it, or doze the house altogether.

You should have plenty of reasons to evict him, even with no formal contract drawn up. Consult a lawyer to draw up an iron-tight eviction notice (and serve it to him) and show it to the cops and you should be okay after the guy's gone.

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