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If someone is on your property, and you ask them to leave, and they don't, can you shoot them?
Find answers to your legal question.

If someone is on your property, and you ask them to leave, and they don't, can you shoot them?

If you have a REGISTERED gun and the gun is completely legal?

Just something I've always wondered!
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I live in PA, and say you come outside with your LEGAL firearm and the person tries to attack you after repeated commands telling them to get off your property?!


I am also in PA...and the rule is ..after telling them to leave you may yse force to remove them..HOWEVER..you may NOT use lethal force if you can avoid the situation

In order to use lethal force 3 things MUST ALL HAPPEN
1 it must be your property
2 The entry must be illegal
3 You must feel that serious harm or death will be caused by them..and there are no other options,,,,,

aka if your trapped.....and they are gonna hurt you bad after breaking in to the house....yes...

trespassing in the yard...no...but you can push them off...

Best bet......Call a COP

If they are an immediate threat to your safety (or the safety of others) then you can shoot them out of self defense.

If they are not an immediate threat, you are supposed to call the cops and let them come and remove the person from your property.

A tip my sister received when taking a gun class: if someone is breaking into your house, let them get inside before you shoot them. If they are outside, all they have to do is claim that they were going to knock on the door and ask to borrow your phone or ask for directions or something, but once they have entered your house, you can claim that they were an immediate threat to your personal safety and you will have a legitimate claim of self-defense.

Bill H
depends on where you live, and if there are any witnesses.

john c
When I lived in Colorado you didn't even have to ask them to leave, and the gun didn't even have to be registered.

There were very few burglaries back then.

It varies by state, but I can't imagine you could ever shoot someone that didn't pose an imminent threat and not face repurcussions for it.

In Florida I believe you can even shoot them in the back, if they are in your home. Outside I don't know.

Specifics depends on local laws.

I think in Florida you can do it, and im pretty sure that is illegal in Baltimore, where im from. Other than that I dont really know

That really depends on your local laws and the situation. Most of the more liberal "blue" states would not support you, but most of the more conservative "red" states might. In any case, if the trespasser is not threatening anyone's life or limb, you should not shoot them. For example, if some idiot is just standing on your front yard, just standing there, you can't shoot them. However, if that person is acting threateningly with a knife or something, then you are more justified.

Some states allow you to shoot anyone as long as you have clearly posted signs warning that trespassers will be shot.

Mr. Goodhi
You can if they have a weapon & you think your life is being threatened. That only applies in some states.

uhmmmm..... back in the days like in the 1900s yeah!!!!
But these day its called
ARRESTED FOR "ATTEMPED MURDER", You can go outside with a bat and woop their ***!! But that will still get you into trouble with the law {do at your own risk}
OR just called your local police department, and tell them there are hoolagians on my property and they wont leave when i asked them too!!!

Sure, you could do it with an unregistered gun, but be prepared to go to jail either way.

Spots * B4myeyes
Nooooooooooooooo. Only if you fear for your life; and it has to be a credible threat, not just standing in your yard making faces at you.

No. You would need to prove your life was in danger. My car is registered and legal but I can't run you over for not leaving my property. Just call the police.

NO. You can't use deadly force against someone unless they are threatening you or another with bodily harm.

If you have a problem with trespassers you should ask your local police or sheriff to explain your options. If you live in a rural area, you may be within your rights to brandish the gun, and ask them to leave, but you'd better check with the law enforcement first.

You can get more with a kind word than you can with cruel ones - however, you can always get more with a kind word and a gun.

Not if you live in the UK. if you live in America or Iraw or Afghanistan... then using guns appears to be second nature... so I am sure many people would shoot first and then ask questions later. Strange world.

knight of the Kings Kingdom
this is america
you can shoot anybody
it's guaranteed in the constitution

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