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If someone is provoking you to fight with bad words are you allowed to hit them?
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If someone is provoking you to fight with bad words are you allowed to hit them?


Allison from Puerto Rico
Legally the first one to swing is guilty of assault; however, if you resist the temptation of putting your fist where their mouth is you will develop something called tolerance which will make you an even bigger MAN/WOMAN. It may sound cliche like stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. If they are provoking you constantly you can charge them with harrassment or even stalking if they are following you around. Always try to avoid violence, its safer to let the person grow tired and just look for another tree to bark at.

NO... it is an established in law, that WORDS is not sufficient cause for violence.

Provoking is not actual contact, but you do have a right to defend yourself. If you strike first, you could be arrested for battery.


no- you are supposed to walk away so that you can avoid a fight. However, if they actually strike you then it can be classified as mutual combat if you strike back.

Good luck!!!

kevin friend
not if theres any witnesses around,

dont resort to hitting and frighting with body strangth until they hit you. just walk away

☻Got Emma?☻
no, whoever thows the first punch is the one to get in trouble

Joe S S
1. Make sure no one else is around to witness....Unless its YOUR witness...

2.Beat the sh*t out of 'em....Then just say they struck first. That's self defense.....

In other words just lie about it. That's what the c*ps do!!

And by the way anyone that says that violence is never the answer...Or that violence never solved anything...
Is full of sh*t!!!
Historically violence has given birth to all great civilizations and countries...

That is the biggest piece of propaganda that is floating around today....Its not just stupid. Its absolutely wrong!

Why? They are just words!

Grow up. If someone is smack talking, walk away. It keeps you out of trouble.

Not in America, unless you're a cop or a celebrity.

rachel t
People can only make you feel provoked if you give them permission to. C'mon, be the bigger person with more class. Put on a good movie or go work out and quit giving them the attention they DONT deserve from you.

John H
Believe it or not, some courts in some jurisdictions have recognized the concept of "fighting words", usually a threat, as a valid defense for some assaults. Don't count on it being true where you live without consulting a lawyer.

Why not provoke them BACK, then when they strike at you, you can hit them back,and claim self-defense? Words are just that, if you let them bother you, you will lose. But you can use them as a weapon as well, against the other person, by insulting them or their family until THEY try to hit you. Then you can legitimately strike back to protect yourself. Smile while you insult them. Taunt them with the fact that their insults come from a small mind. If you refuse to play their game, or throw it back at them, you will get greater satisfaction than if you give in and let them provoke you. Words are not illegal, and are protected by law, so if you try to hit someone, YOU will be in trouble, not the person taunting you.

Don't let the other person's petty insults bother you, if it does, just smile and come back with a bigger insult to them, and try to provoke THEM to hit you first, so you can claim defensive priority. That would be the best challenge to their attitude. Take a better one than simply getting mad and trying to hit them, you need a more sophisticated ( and grown-up ) way to deal with it, that maximizes your chances of being the "victim", instead of being a punch-thrower due to "mere" words. Yes, they can hurt, but only if you let them. Turn them around on your verbal attacker, and you will be the better for it. Good luck!
- The Gremlin Guy -

no. you cant legally lay a finger on them. but if they throw the first punch then you can go ape **** on them. the first punch is what is considered. if you hit them first you can get charged. just make sure there are witnesses around to account for you being the first one hit.

Only if you are a cop or the son /daughter of a cop.

CAring Dude
If you hit someone who verbally assaults you, you are going to be in greater **** than them. You will be charged with assault, which is a crime. Verbal assault is not a crime. You have to go to court to sue that person. But physical assault is a crime and the person who committs it will be charged by the attorney general.

according to the castle doctorine if you feel threatned you can defend yourself without being attacked first, Just convice them you were threatned and you should get off.

legally no, but i agree-you totally should be able to, they're doing it for exactly that reason...so, give them what they want and beat the **** out of them!

Yes, you could hit them. But unless it's self defense (which in that case it's not), they could press charges and you would be the one at fault.

Walk Away, do not lower yourself to their bottom feeder level

technically speaking, you can hit them, but you could also be charged with assault and battery, but best advice to you, let them hit you first, then you strike back, then you could say you defended yourself


Nope... But clearly they're smarter than you... If they want to get into a fight with you, they provoke you, you throw first punch, they can kick the living sh*t out of you and if you try to press assult charges, as soon as the cops hear you threw the first punch, they pretty much dismiss it. And in fact, if you give him so much as a black eye he could press charges against you. Then he says you assulted him during a heated discussion and he simply defended himself.

I had someone try to press charges against me when I literally beat her to the ground. Everyone who watched the fight told the cops she started it. I got off, no further questions asked. Same thing happened with 2 of my friends.

Play it smart.

Whistler R
That would mean they have won and provoked you in to an act of violence. What is wrong with just walking away? If you are big enough you could always hit back after YOU had been attacked.

Liz P
I sure feel like that sometimes! On the legal front, you will be held responsible for assaulting someone and their words won't excuse you. I have several counselor friends who will see the physical person as more at fault than the person who provokes with words. I do think that words can be very aggressive but on most fronts if you hit, you will be seen as more wrong.

Not if it doesn't really matter. If someone was doing that in my house, yeah, I'd knock 'em flat and throw 'em out, no harm no foul, but on the streets, you're taking your chances. You don't know who else is gonna jump in.

Robert W
Allowed? By law, no, it's assault. Schools are against it too.

If you're in school, tell someone who has control over the system and doesn't care. And prepare to have bad words used at you for the rest of your life.

And that's how it works!


Walking away is the hardest thing to do, but that is what you should do or call the police.

In this scenario, they're probably provoking you so that you'll take the first swing, and thus they can fight you with the defense of stating that you swung first and started it. In my old high school at least, the rule was that the person who started it got in pretty deep trouble, whereas the defendant was rarely punished. Don't fall for that BS.. be the bigger person so to speak.

I have a 15 year old teen ad I'm 14 he came out of a hose breaking my frien I called him a homo and the fing stop breaking and go away so his friends gf came out told use to leave so we did me and friend where walking down the street they followed use and was braking use so we went to my house to get clothes the where waiting in my back alie kept breakingme an my friend never said anything to them besides to stop and go away and now he won't stop texting me and braking me so am I aloud to beat his head in and not get charge because he is harassing me and stalking me .

Under the American Uniform Code of Military Justice it is a Courts Martial Offense to provoc someone to violence by using words or jestures. If the person actually acts on the provocation then that person would likely be charges first. I was involved in such a trial where someone screemed profanities and insults at someone else. When the receiver of the screeming testified he was moved to strike the other person but did'nt the person doing the insults was sentence to jail for use of provocing words.

Ima cop this is how u handle a situation luke this, Simple if you talk mess and they approach u and try to hit you u can hit back, you can also strike first if you feel they are a threat to you,

What if they throw the first punch and you block it and beat the shit outta them can they still press charges even tho he made the first move

What if they throw the first punch and you block it and beat the shit outta them can they still press charges even tho he made the first move

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