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If someone say they are going to kill you will they get in trouble,that what my brother in law said to me?
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If someone say they are going to kill you will they get in trouble,that what my brother in law said to me?


Only if you squeal on them!!


If you feel it is a real threat, you can call the police, but they will just take a report for future reference, and tell both of you to cool your heels..

they should, however when this happened to me i was told that it was my problem by the police officer, needless to say he no longer works on our police force in my county

It depends on the details and the law of the state where the statement was made. Most states make it a crime only if the threat was so unequivocal as to put you in immediate fear for your life.

If you truly believe he is going to carry out this threat, call the police immediately.

- Carl

Usually when someone comes out and says that directly, most of the time they are bluffing. Now if he was waving a knife or gun in your face it would be a different story. I would just work things out and not use confrontation. Diplomacy works alot more efficiently for everyone. Dont forget about both of your families. Because the victim is not the only one that suffers when something bad happens.

Do you take him seriously?

In Canada, threatening death is a criminal offence and a person can be charged and arrested.

Did anyone witness it? If it his word against yours it may be difficult to prove. Do you believe he will do it? Do you fear for your safety? If you do call the police and make a complaint.

the old dog
It's called "uttering a death threat", and yes it is illegal. Someone who threatens to "kill" you,or "murder" you then you have every right to seek the protection of the law agencies. That is what they are there for.
However; have a care with this because some people are just spouts for idiocy. If you take these fools to court all the time the law agencies will start to believe you to be "crying wolf".
Once that happens they will not be there when you really need them. They will think you are crying wolf.
If I took legal action for every time I heard that against me I would have gone broke in legal fees for nothing.

Real Estate Para Legal
It is actually a crime of terroristic threats....that is one trouble...the other is that if they say it to the wrong person and the person fears for their life or grievous bodily harm..they may LEGALLY shoot and kill them....self defense...
So it is not a recommended saying....

It depends on if you take his seriously and if you do then you need to do something about it. Go to your local law enforcement agency. Now depending on where you live, here we can get an exparte. This would be signed by a judge saying that if your life is in danger this person is not allowed to call you, come near your residence, come where you work, not allowed to stalk or harrass you in any way or form or call you. If this exparte is violated by the other party then they will go to jail. If you don't want to go that route then you still need to tell someone what was said and who said it. This way if something was to happen you to then it can be noted.

bob P11
I'm sorry to tell you no.

In California, the stupid liberal Unionized state, all you can do is call and file (on the phone) an "Incident Report".

Nothing will be done and no action will be taken by the Police.

However, if you are murdered...they will be there like white on rice.

This could constitute a "terrorist threat", which can be punished by prison. Contact your local police department and give them the facts. They will know how to deal with the problem.

Jak K
I don't think you can legally shoot and kill anyone. First of all, that is a death threat, and its about 50/50 what the cops will do about it. If a mature adult was to call the police, they could possibly convince them to do something, it really depends who's talking to the police. In Wisconsin, I was arrested on a false death threat and put under a section 51 (threat to yourself or others), and locked up for 72 hours in a hospital or mental facility. The person who called in the false death threat also did it to someone else now. I now pursue to have have a lawsuit against the state and the person.

terrorist threatening is not taken lightly

yes they can if you push it

Guys I have a question. My friend is in trouble for saying I'm going to kill you to some girl, but..... That girl physically hit her. What can she do? I really want to help her. Please help

Someone threatened me can some body convert me

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