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If there is an arrest warrant issued for me and I apply to a job and they run a background check what happens?
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If there is an arrest warrant issued for me and I apply to a job and they run a background check what happens?

I think I may have one out for me (I am in the process of taking care of it if there IS one) but I want to apply for this job and they may run a background check. If I do have an arrest warrant out for me, will they call the cops?

Again, not sure if there is one. I just missed a court date on a misdemeanor offense because I recently became unemployed and dont have the money to go to the court house (its 100 miles away from me).

But IF there is one, and I apply for this job, am I going to have cops knocking on my door the next day if they run this background check?


Well there is a way for you to know rather than guess... you can run a background check on yourself. It will cost you a bit of money (typically $20-$30) but might be worth it. I do testing and research for an online consumer review site that focuses on public record search companies. The sites we tested and currently recommend are included at http://www.CompleteReviews.net/backgroundchecks.html

Run a report and see what comes back. It should be the same as what an employer would see unless that employer is the F.B.I.

One of the things you want to be is honest with your employer and be up front. In some cases they may even work with you on the matter. If your warrant is for FTA/FTP (Failure To Appear/ Failure To Pay Fine) the court would be more interested in you working than you not working. So be honest with the judge turn yourself in get a court date the next day and tell the judge you have something lined up employment lines. If you don't have a history of FTA/FTP then the judge will work with you. Now on the lines of background checks I know here in Tennessee they uncover everything. Even if you were arrested they have that information. But most of the time its someone just getting on a computer and doing a court check which doesn't uncover arrests or warrants. It all matters on how in depth the background check is.

It will probly show up on backround check.

I would get it cleared up before appyling for job.

If you need to apply for a job that day(for whatever reason) level with the employer. If it is a simple miss court date the employer may not hold it against you

Still get the warrent cleared up in any case you don'e want that over you head forever

Lorenzo aka Charlie
How important is the job/ How serious is the offense. There is a very high probability that the kind of background check the employer runs will not uncover the arrest warrant. They are more likely to see prior offenses. If the employer does see the arrest warrant, unless they are a law enforcement agency, they are very unlikely to do anything more than not hire you. I would give you a 90% chance of safety but there are regional differences. Check with someone local for a second opinion if it is critical.

"A" they will not hire you..."B" If it's local you may want to beep out the blinds before answering the door or going out.

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