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If you ask someone if they are a cop, and they are, do they have to tell you?
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If you ask someone if they are a cop, and they are, do they have to tell you?


Thifty Little Lady
Nope...you shouldn't be doing things that make you worry whether or not you're going to get in trouble with the law!!

holocene epoch

bryan s
I am a police officer and I will let you know...the police do not have to let you know they are police when you ask...in fact, the police are allowed to lie to you. The only time an officer is required to tell you they are police, is when they are affecting an arrest, or any other police powers.

Good luck and stay out of trouble!

No they do not. They have the ability and authorization to work under cover, so as not to compromise an investigation.

Gentle Giant
Only if the Cop is trying to use his police powers to make you do or refrain from doing something. Otherwise he has no obligation to tell you he is a cop.

Kirk Spock
nope. Kind of defeats the whole "under cover" thing, doesn't it?

Catherine E: VT
No. That's an urban legend.

MP US Army


Kimberley Wise
No, that's why we can have undercover police officers and sting operations.

Officer Sunshine
In MOST states, when you ask a uniformed officer his name and badge number, they are required to give it to you. Which, is kinda redundant since MOST uniformed officers wear nameplates and a badge (usually with a number on it) and I know that some departments use a second number as the officer's ID number which is not the number on their badge....

Any way, if the cop is undercover, of course there is no requirement to identify himself to you or anyone else.

HECK, half the time unless you know the cop personally, there are several times an UC cop gets pulled over only to THEN be recognized by his teammate . Oops!

In short, uniformed officers, are usually required to give name and badge number while UC cops are not.

Matthew O
No. That would sort of defeat the whole purpose of undercover investigators, wouldn't it?

Laws vary by state, but if you ask directly if he is a cop and he says no but charges you, in some states it is a defense on the grounds of entrapment. That does not mean there will not be enough other evidence to convict, though, but in a weak case, it has been known to work.

For the best answer, check your state laws, though and ask an attorney

Not To Serious
No they can lie to you.

Heck no! I don't know about you, but I don't like getting a gun screwed into my ear while undercover.

it depends if he on duty and what type law enforcement

This is a really old urban myth.

If a cop is undercover he does NOT have to tell you if he's a cop.

No, but if they coerce you to do anything then you have an entrapment defense.

Pliny the Elder
I think that if you ask and s/he says no, but then tries to charge you for something that you reveal to him/her, it's entrapment and those charges won't fly.

But I guess I could be wrong.

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