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If you find a family member dead who do you call. this is a serious question, have some compassion please.?
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If you find a family member dead who do you call. this is a serious question, have some compassion please.?

the doctor, police, ambulance who do you inform first?
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no you lot have got me wrong no ones dead not yet anyway. my grandmother is in hospital. when we went to her house she was not there she had been taken to hospital in early hours. it was a shock to see her not at home. the question came up between the family and we all had different answers so i'm asking to see if there is a procedure to follow thats all.


Don't know if it is different in your country but there is only one number over here to phone for emergency services and upon explaining the nature of your emergency the operator will connect you to the appropriate dept.

police/amubulance...just call 911 !!

rn annie
I called 911 first. If it is at all possible to revive the person time is of the essence. You don't have to contact anyone else as it will all be done throught the emergency system.

If this is a hospice patient then things are a little different as death is expected and there is usually a plan of action as to what will be done set up in advance.

Hope this helps.

Neil M
How can you be sure she is dead?

Don't assume. Call an ambulance, and let them make that assessment. They will call the other relevant bodies (sorry no pun intended) and then I guess you will need to call an undertaker.

Who has died then?

Call 9-1-1 first, they will send paramedics and police.

Call the Police they will call who else is needed

911 and they'll direct you.

ambulance to take the body away and police then, still being compassionate but are we to believe that you have found someone dead and went online and are going to wait for an answer to find out what to do???

the first thing you do is call 911!!!!!

You call the police because it is an unattended death. They will call the rest of the people that need to be notified. If they had been under the care of hospice or something like that, then you would not need to call them, but you don't know what caused the death and they will hopefully be able to find out. Sorry for your loss and I hope this helps.

If your in england then you need to call an ambulance first, they will come out and if they are happy that life is extinct they will call the Police and it will be classed as a sudden death. The Police will come out and check that it is a death of natural causes from what they can and then they will arrange for an undertaker chosen by you to come out and remove the body either to the mortuary or to the chapel of rest beloning to under taker.

call an ambulance there is a chance she may be revived if not the ambulance crew can summon any needed assistance be it police, coroner, etc

Call 911 or the operator and explain the situation, they will decide.

Tom Sawyer
Dial 911 and they will help you. Normally the police and an ambulance are contacted first.

Call the police first so they can determine if a crime has been committed. They will then, in turn, call anyone else who needs to be called. If they find it is death by natural causes, they may advise you that you can call the funeral home.

Never touch anything at times like this because if someone did harm them, you may well mess up any good evidence and the killer may be allowed to roam free so even be careful where you walk.

Even if you are in the home when a person dies there, you should call the police so a D.O.A. report can be filed. The police will then contact the doctor and verify if the person had any health issues and find out if the doctor will sign the death certificate. Once the doctor verifies what he has treated the person for and said he would sign the paperwork, the police let the family contact the funeral home. We had to do this when my aunt died at home several years ago.

a doctor has to certify death. if you are not sure they are dead ambulance. they may just have stopped breathing. and their heart still beating.

You automatically call 911 because they will contact an ambulance then call you other family members!

Call the police/911. The officers and emts will call a coroner who will check the body to make sure the death not suspicious. Then they will call for a funeral home to come and pick up the body. In some states if you fail to call the police they can charge you with improperly handling a corpse. Speaking from personal experience, it is much easier to call the police they have chaplins and other persons that will respond to your location to help out with the loss, sudden or expected. It makes the death alot eaiser to deal with. Hope that helps a little.

Doctor i would think to confirm the death if they have been ill etc. But if it looks suspicious, like a burglary etc then the police, that would be my thought

police then Dr unless they call one when they get there it happened to my friend (she found her mum) and in panic she called the ambulance but of course they could not touch her so they did all the phoning around if you ever find someone you must not touch them leave it all to the professionals. x

If it is an unattended death (ie not at the hospital or dr's office) you need to call 911. Even if the person is elderly with a lot of medical problems, 911 needs to be notified. If you were to call the dr, they would inform you to call 911 to get rescue started, just in case there was the chance that she could be revived. Usually, the medical personnel on scene(ambulance, rescue etc) will contact the ME if necessary. Also with an unattended death, PD will most likely respond also.

police and ambulance

Richard C
In this case, you need to contact police.....they will begin the process of notifying other authorities.

California Street Cop
Just call 911...in the USA. All the appropriate agencies will respond.

Been in this situation myself, sadly i found my mum dead 9 years ago. It was unexpected and she hadn't seen her GP within the lat 14 days, so it was slightly different than your Nan. But what you do is dial ambulance and say that you can not find any signs of life: IE no breathing or pulse. They send ambulance and then the police are contacted by ambulance service after they have been and confirmed no signs of life. A coroner is called and they pronounce death. Then undertakers are called and the body is removed. I really hope that you are never in this situation it's one of the most awful experiences that haunt you for many years to come.

In the UK you usually ring your doctor or the ambulance,They will inform the police if necessary.If the deceased hasnt be seen recently the doctor will not issue a death certificate and so the coroner becomes involved,the police act for the coroner.

Dial 911 .....in most agencies the 911 dispatcher is both police and fire rescue. Trust me calling a Doctor is going to prove frustrating and the chances of actually speaking to the Doctor even in the event you do get through to his service is like trying to win the lottery... besides chances are they will direct you to call 911 anyway. TRUST 911 and the Police and Paramedics who will rush to the aid of you and your loved one.

wiz a
contact police first they will do the rest for you as long you tell the operator that you suspect the person is dead just because his not breathing or no pulse doesn't necessary means his dead so yes the police first instance ring 000 if in Australia.................... 911 in America

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