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If you had a warrant out for your arrest, what would you do?
Find answers to your legal question.

If you had a warrant out for your arrest, what would you do?

Where would you go?


Turn myself in.

Kenneth C
If it was a traffic ticket. I would simply take out enough money from the bank for the bond and turn myself in. I pay my debts, so it's probably a mistake, check was lost in the mail, someone forgot to note the fine was paid, ect. I would then show up on the court date and show the judge my evidence that I paid my fine.

Something more serious, like a felony. I would contact a lawyer, get my ducks in a row and have him arrange a surrender.

I know I am innocent and running only compounds the problem. I would want to get the matter settled as quickly as possible.

Call a lawyer and surrender to the authorities.

I know I am innocent.


Contact the county solicitor's office or the local magistrate's office. They are not going answer any questions over the phone and you are not going to be able to straighten it out over the phone. Ask them what you can do if you appear before them and what type of bail you can expect. If you go to them and the charges are misdemeanors, there is a strong chance that you will not be booked into jail. You can set up a time to go before the magistrate and enter a plea or make bail.

If it is a felony or a violent crime, contact a lawyer before contacting the prosecutor or police. A lawyer can organize a surrender and also see what kind of evidence they have against you. A lawyer can also pre-arrange for bail to be set.

>To the nearest bar, get real drunk (with my lawyer, if possible) and then turn myself in.<

depends for what, if I actually violated a law I'd turn myself in, if the corrupt government was out to get me because I had radical ideas that laws like the patriot act should not exist, I'd go to the nearest gun store and stock up for the revolution

I would get my lawyer, go turn myself in and try and work it out.
But then again, I wouldn't do something that would get me arrested in the first place.

It depends. If it was a traffic warrant I would pay what was needed or contact the court to rectify it as quickly as possible so I didn't get arrested for something so silly.
If it was a criminal warrant I would turn myself in quickly as that might be seen as an act of good faith which might make the judge release me on my own promise to appear for court.(and I've seen this happen).

Run like hell...
Get my twin to take the rap for me.

Go to Belize and live in paradise forever...

To the police station. I'd call an attorney first just to talk about it with them and get their advice on how to handle it.

Police Officer
you may come to my county and run a stop sign, i'd pull u over, confirm the warrant, and take you in lol..

Ok.. usually, depending on what kind of warrant it is. If its a city warrant you go to the municipal building and either make a payment plan, request community service if aplicable, or maybe resquest a court date to contest (in case the warrants are alias type) if capias warrants (giving that they are warrants for tickets), you could either sit them out in jail or pay the fine.
If the warrant is for a felony, turn yourself in to post a bond.
good luck

well if you trying to get away some were secretive like a cave. but if you don't care the the police station.

i actually phoned the police and asked if there was a warrant out, because i was expecting one, he saidno, but the next day he came to my office and said.."you know that warrant? It ca.e" I said i can't go with you right now....I have responsibilties here. He said come to the detachment by 3:00, which I did. I couldn't believe he trusted me to do that!

Dylan L
The best think to do is call your local police department. Eventually they are going to come into your house deploy flash bangs and storm your house and arresting you. You should call you local police department and tell them that you have a warrent out for you arrest and they will send an officer to come. It is better to take care of the warrent. When you do get people to storm your house you will think I would have served this and been out by now! Trust me tell the police. You may feel uncomfortable but at least try.

I would head to mexico of course. JK, if I didn't go anything, and know I'm innocent, I would turn myself in

Barb Outhere
Me, being the law abiding citizen that I am, I would go to the nearest police station and try to rectify the error.

Turn yourself in ,and clear it up.

I would go & face the music

Catch a plane to Spain

v ї v α ♥ ℓ α ♥ b r h є α
I would turn myself in why bother running...

d s
find out how to appear in court

Mike M
I'd go to the police.

I'd turn myself in...................

Turn myself in and find out what was going on! Best to meet your challenge head on and get on with it.

Exotic wonder
turn yourself in to the nearest police station.

Turn myself in.

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