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If you have a warrant out for your arrest can you leave the state?
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If you have a warrant out for your arrest can you leave the state?

Iím 19 years old I live in Texas I currently have 3 tickets out for my arrest one for speeding not driving with 2 license plates and no insurance. It could have been all taken care of but I lost my job and parents arenít helping that much because they have some problems of there own so I couldnít pay for it. Now in 2 weeks Iím going to a wedding in New York for 4 days. Do you think there might be a problem when I get to the air port? I would like to no as soon as possible thank you very much.
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the trip to NY is all paid for by my cuz so i have nothing really to pay for at all i'm broke with no cash at all


There will be no prob. I just went thorugh the same sort of thing and made it through the airports just fine.

p h
OR, you could skip the wedding and put the money you will spend on the trip trying to get out of this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have active warrants out there is nothing to stop you from leaving the state, however, you should know that any run-in you have with the law will lead to your immediate arrest. Also, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can detain you and turn you over to the police. My advice to you is to get this mess straightened out before you go to New York, or else you may end up in a lot more trouble.

try to work something out with the state, see what kind of plans they can do so you can pay.

dude, turn yourself in.. save some of the drama

When you get to the airport, they don't run your license, they just need the ID. I traveled recently with somebody who had a warrant for traffic tickets and nothing happened. The only way anything is going to happen is if you get in trouble and the police run your license. Just try and take care of your tickets ASAP so you wont find yourself in jail.

charro c
No, The warrant for you arrest can only be enforced by the police if you get somehow detained for any reason, as longest you do not meddle with the police you 'll be fine.Furthermore, the warrant is only for your state and other states will hate to use any money towaward honoring some other state's warrant unless is a murder warrant wich is incorporated nation wide by the FBI.

I went through this same thing with a DUI and was coming home for leave from the navy. I got through the airport with no problem and even returned no problem. Then once I got the cash to take care of the tickets and all the fines I took care of it.

I imagine that your nerves are pretty wracked with all this. Is all this stress really worth it??? In many states, you are allowed to do community service to work off fines. I would certainly research to see if this could be an option for you. Trying to deal with this would certainly be better than living with stress and worry.

no it's only traffic violations not felony's. you're cool.

YOU WILL NOT BE ARRESTED AT THE AIRPORT!! this is a state issue not a federal warrant. speeding, insurance haha! as long as you are not a fugitive from BATFE you are good. since when did the airport run a background check when you get to there? crazy talk people, crazy talk!!

the last time I checked, jail was for serious offenders. the system is clogged as it is so a civil warrant for speeding is the furthest violation that will send you away. when you get the money, go to the courthouse and inform the clerk you are there to pay overdue fines. there will be a larger restitution fee due to the fact that you will have to pay for the scheduling of your court appearance, the judge's time, and all administrative fees.

have a good time.

Just turn yourself in. It is much easier that way.

Samantha T
Sure you can do whatever you want, but if you get caught out of state you will more than likely go to jail!

Turning yourself in seems like a really pathetic thing to do, but, from experience, the Court generally goes a little more lenient if you do. If you decide to run, now you will have failing to appear X how many charges, now they can come get you......Nice huh ? Grab the brass b---- and do the right thing !

ya do that and then they'll call "DOG, THE BOUNTY HUNTER"


If you're asking for honesty, then it'd be the better for you if you hand yourself in. The hard truth is that you'll likely be arrested sooner or later anyway, and the courts tend to take a slightly more lenient view of those who own up.

I had a warrent for Violation of Probation and flew 3 weeks ago from Florida to Maine and back, no problem. They cant run your name for that. Only they check to see if you are red flagged for terrorist reasons.

The airport doesn't check where or not you have any violations of any warrants for you arrest. You can leave if you want to. I would stay out of trouble while you are in this condition. If you get into any trouble and they ask for your license then you are probably going to jail. Other than that you should be just fine. If you do go..when you get back turn yourself in and get this mess taken care of. It will lift alot of weight off you shoulders by doing this. Being on the run doesn't solve the problem or make it go away. Turning yourself in.. they might go a little easier on you. By doing this they know you are willing to cooperate with them.

Yes, but if you get a ticket or any other viokation in another state they can get you for having an oustanding warrant. By the way, the first thiing the state will do is void your driver's license. If I were you, pay the fine, but as long as you do not come into trouble you are okay. The airport won't care. They don't check.

past tense
I feel real bad for you! I have a 20 yr old & he puts things off, ie- car broke down 3 months ago never called insurance, now he owes the money for not driving. He takes after my ex husband & never stays in 1 place, misplaces belongings, id cards etc. I know you don't want to hear this but, why don't you take a bus. Call the court house or sheriff whoever's looking for you. My ex does that all the time, he calls them tells them he's gonna make a payment, they give leyway, coz it's more they're time & money to look for you. When you get back or now if possible, make payment arrangements, even if it's $5 a month! In PA they can't arrest you if you're trying to pay, tell them you're looking for work. Also, I helped my ex get his revoked license back after 7-8 yrs, for driving w/o a license & insurance. Hope this helps & we'll say a pray.

This is not as bad as it seems; it isn't like you committed a violent crime. However, you need to be proactive in this.

First, don't even risk showing up at the airport without having taken care of this issue. Once you've been arrested, and I'll bet my next paycheck you will be, even IF the charges are eventually dropped, the arrest record will always be there. In some states, you can get your record expunged, but, even then, your record will always reflect you had a record expunged, and that is just not what any employer wants to hear.

Second, understand that a warrant is issued because the court thinks you're dissing it. The court just wants you to be responsible about your little transgressions. Your solution is to to vacate the warrant. I've had to do this myself in Illinois for something more serious than traffic violations. Call the courthouse to find out the procedure, or look up the procedure online. I had to actually go to the courthouse in person to ask the clerk to vacate my warrant. I was certain a cop was going to jump out from behind some door or one way mirror and arrest me right there and then, but no one did. Though procedures and requirements differ, vacating a warrant is often as simple as asking nicely, though you may have to pay a small fee. Since you don't have a job, you should be able to "petition the court as a poor person," thus eliminating some court fees. I know, that's a weird way of putting it! Some courts call it a "petition to sue as a pauper" even though you are not "suing" in the sense we think of it. Before the clerk vacates the warrant, she will arrange a court date. If the court date is too soon, ask her nicely if she could make it for a little later. A smile goes a long way.

Third, SHOW UP at your court date. Explain your situation and your due diligence in seeking employment. Ask to defer payment. If that doesn't work, ask to pay in small increments. If you can't even afford that, ask about public service. I heard a judge offer a defendant in traffic court the opportunity to work off his debt by volunteering. The defendant didn't like that, though, so the judge wasn't happy that this guy wasn't willing to pay his debt.

In short, stop worrying and take action. Warrants never go away and they are enforceable anywhere in the US. You want to enjoy life, not be worried that at any moment you could be put into police custody, much to the horror of your family and friends.

Good luck!

no you can't leave the state when a warrant is issued against you. u will be caught anywhere when you will try to do this and in that case new warrant be issued i.e. non-bailable warrant. but you can leave state in case if court permist you but the condition is that you will have to prove the most genuine reason and you will be allowed for a short period. for this you will have to file an application to judge through your lawyer.

Lieutenant Apocalypse
I don't think you can leave the state.

MH/Citizens Protecting Rights!
I would suggest you get an attorney, have him tell the judge about your problems, work out a schedule of payments for the fines and then ask for permission to go to the wedding. You really don't want to leave the state and then get arrested as a fugitive from justice. Only illegal immigrants seem to be able to get away with this. Or, maybe you can hole up in a church and ask for asylum?

You can go anywhere you want...if you don't care about being a fugitive from justice yearning to compound your troubles if cought.

why is there a warrarnt, for not showing up or for not paying, normally as long as you show up, and try to pay 10 dollars a month, they will not issue a warrant.

The warrant will show up if you fly, I don't know if they will hold you on this or not, but they could, If you drive as long as you are not caught you can do anything you want.

Best bet is to clear this up.

old school
You will be arrested at the airport.

Jessica R
Turn yourself into the police and do it now
and no you
cannot leave the state your in
the law will arrest you
and they will sooner or later

no u cant

My daughter was caught driving without insurance 5 years ago in Ohio and then moved to South Carolina when a bench warrant was issued for her for not showing up to court and paying the fines. She is now back in Ohio and wondering if there is a statue of limitations on a bench warrant and fines. Does she have to get a lawyer or are the fines forgiven(limitations) and can she just pay a reinstatement fee and get her Ohio license back?

Justin Garrett
i got a question can someone in another state file a warrent on someone in another state say they live in virginia and they want t o call the police in alabama where someone lives in file a warrent on them is taht even possible to do if there not a citizen in that state

turn yourself in and sit it out in jail......they usually give you 100.00 a day credit go to another state? they wost likely won't give you a lincese to drive. they wont extradite you scary ass. or they will put you on a payment pan.

Run like a motherfucker

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