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If you have a warrent in another state but you moved to cali can the cops still get you?
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If you have a warrent in another state but you moved to cali can the cops still get you?

friend had court for domestic violence yesterday juge gave him 5 days in jail but because he had weed in his body if they tasted him he would have gotten 1 whole yr...so he didnt go to jail he skipped town to cali...


Yes, and since he's a fugitive, when he's caught, he'll have a felony and be in jail over a year. Brilliant move on his part.

Kasey C
Then he's a fugitive, and will be subject to immediate arrest if stopped by police.

yes! you get stopped in CA for anything the will run your ID to see you Warrants....

He should really turn himself in and get it over with..it will only get worse if he does not..

Someone tasted him? He is dumb, I don't think they'll go to cali looking for him, but if you, errr he, has any run in's with the police, or needs them to make a report they'll check his info if they see his warrant he is gone! He shoulda just flushed the weed in the courthouse toilet and served his time... Now he is in some deep sh**

I agree thats a fugitive and any time he is stopped or ran through the system this will show up

US Constitution:
Article 4:
Section 2:
Second Paragraph:
A Person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee form Justice, and be found in another State, shall on Demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.

If the state that issued the warrant whats you back, the state you are in has no choice. They are REQUIRED to turn you over.

he should turn himself in before this gets worse

If stopped by police in California, unless they only do a local background check, would more than likely find his warrant, and arrest him.

What happens next would be up to the prosecutor (district/state's attorney) where the warrant was issued. They would have to want to extradite the prisoner from California back to wherever the crime occurred. I could see this happening if it were only a short distance, like maybe it happened in Vegas and he fled to L.A., but if it's only for a misdemeanor 5-day jail term, I doubt they would extradite across the country.

So, yes, they could. But, unless it's local, they probably wouldn't. But, the bad news is that he would go through this same ordeal any time he was stopped, because the warrant isn't going to go away.

Zach L
Yeah thats a fugitive

Heather S
DUH> They can get you in any state

yup because once the cops run his name it will come up that he has a warrent. and theyll lock him up in cali then transfer him back to where he has the warrent and give him additional charges for skipping town and will probobly be held with no bail because the judge would consider him a flight risk.

yeah they'll still get him and bring him back to the state he was in

lisa m
Can they-yes,will they-nope not unless they want to drive him back to Cali...lol the Cali cops are not going out of State to pick up someone on a weed charge.

Depends on what it is for. Yes, if he gets stopped, they can get him, but it depends on what it is for as to whether that information is shared with other states. So, if he gets stopped for a traffic violation and they call him in, it may or may not come up that a warrant is out for him. In most cases, they don't actually hunt you down - you have to do something to draw attention to yourself. I do know that child support warrants are typically not shared from one state to the other.

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