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If you hit a car but no damage should u still leave a note?
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If you hit a car but no damage should u still leave a note?

I was parallel parking and i very gently nudged against the car behind me, absolutely no damage and i was going about 1/2 mile an hour, i got out to see if i had any space and i saw that my car and the back car were just barely touching. i moved up and saw there was no damage only license plates had most of the contact. do i still have to leave a note?


Tampa Biz
Well, it would be nice to leave a note, it is not needed. No damage was done.

I wouldn't...what is the point really? Get someone to bash the crap out of their own car to force you to pay. You know we live in a law suit crazy world...protect yourself and go on...literally, no harm done!

No way! What if someone else hits it, causing lots of damage, and then you're blamed for it? If you do leave a note, take a picture too.

You are supposed to leave a note always. Be careful though of scam artists. The best thing to do is leave a note and take pictures of where you hit the car.

I would, if I were in your position. Simply put, there would be no way to know for sure if someone witnessed the incident. Failing to leave a note or report it, could still be considered hit & run, which in all states, is considered a crime and not a simple traffic offense. The amount of damage caused is irrelevant, and the witness would not know your true intentions as you leave. He/she could assume your true intention was criminal, and not just an accident.

I wouldn't.

Sam S
no you shouldnt leave any note,but i can tell you are a very nice guy ,people like you are not many,thanks.

I always leave a note. It reads: "The people here think I'm leaving you my name and number to contact me about the damage. They're wrong."

You would be a very honest and nice person to leave a note and I would appreciate it if it were my car. On the other hand though, I and most other people would not leave a note if no damage was done and, you are not obligated to!

If there is no damage you don't have to leave a note, save you and the guy some stress.

in TX unless there is $1,000 dollars worth of damage then according to DPS the accident didnt happen..but then again with todays prices of vehicles a license plate/plate holder-bumper crack could result in at least $1000....

Not if you're smart and there are no witnesses.

No. Only if you cause damage.

Consider this: If you do and someone smashes into that car later you could be held liable.

No.....run for it


hahahaha nope
there were no cammaras

No!!! Lol, some people are too nice. The world is gonna eat you alive...

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