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Is a cop allowed to give people rides?
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Is a cop allowed to give people rides?

I'm just asking out of curiosity. Is it allowed for on-duty police officers to give civilians a ride to some place if they asked?
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I'm just wondering because I have seen people in the front seat of police cars before and I am pretty sure they were not being arrested.


Dog Lover
First, the people you see in the front see are probably Civilian Ride-a-longs or Collage Interns on a program to ride a shift with the police.

Or, it could be a victim being transported..... but, they will usually always go in the back.

Next, giving rides is per agency policy.

But, I will tell you the police will give you a ride if you are broken down or something, but you will still go in the back seat.... But, they are not going to drive you home to save you cab fare or something silly.

It is up to Department policy, but most places allow their Officers to give "courtesy" rides for people in need. Don't expect us to be your taxi service, but once in a while, for the right situation, it will happen. That situation is not because you need to go to the mall and you don't want to walk or take the bus though.......

I once was out at a club and went to leave but didnt know where my friend had parked my car, a nice officer drove me around the streets around the club to locate my vehicle. I assume its ok in certain situations

I got in a bad car accident a few year ago and my car was totaled (I wasn't hurt) and had to wait for someone to come pick me up...well, the accident was on a busy highway, so a cop drove me to a gas station and waited with me - but he made me sit in the back!

Grant Ray came on 12/8/08!
Yes. My father in law was a police officer for 28 years.

sure, I'll give you a ride any time.

Yes. Law inforcement officials are allowed to give civilians rides if they want to. Most times, it's someone without a car, (i.e. they broke down and couldnt get in touch with anyone to come get them), It's always up to the officer.

My dog ran away once and I was following her and I ended up really far away from my house and out of breath and it was really cold out and I stopped a cop to ask if anyone called in a loose dog. I also then asked for a ride home. He did give me a ride home but I can't remember if I was in the back or front of the car.

In their personal car, yes. Some depts. may frown on giving rides in a marked police car.

creatrix, nutter extraordinaire
I was walking to pick up my car on a really hot day once and a cop gave me a lift.

They also brought my mom & dad home when they went out on a date and got too far to make it back by curfew, but that was a LONG time ago. (My grandma had a fit that dad brought her little girl home in a police car, LOL!)

Still, cops aren't a taxi service. the answer is yes, but their first responsibility is to public safety.

yes, if the person really need desperate they should help them get there somehow. i mean what kind of person is a cop if they don't even help their citizen. if he doesn't or doesn't have a good excuse not to help the guy out, he should be fired.

yes you can...

they call it ''cuffed and stuffed''........

Sure. I go out of my way and give people rides all the time.

Yes They Are But They Aint No Taxi Service.

No there is insurance issues. Only on special days like a special programs that lets them do so.

yes in an emergency situation?
definition of emergency is at the discretion of the officer.
if they have a call they will have to let you out and respond to call.

The Voice of Reason
Thank God many do. I broke down once and an off duty officer gave my family and me a ride to a local hotel.

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