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Is faking your death illegal???
Find answers to your legal question.

Is faking your death illegal???

is it? if so, whats the penalty?


It sure is.
6 years for the Brit who did it in 2002.

yes, its fraud.
penalty should be depend on how many people you defraud with the fake death- and their damages

i would imagine its illegal cuz u get outta payin taxes

..*♥→ ωhOs tHat giяl؟ ←♥*..
yes its illegal.. its been on the news here in UK about some man who faked his own death.. him an his wife have just been sent to jail

Yes. Can do jail time, depends past offenses, and why you wanted to do it.

yea definetly because people would be paid to investigate ur fake death

its against the law and i would thin they would throw the key away. you surely would get heavily fined. and ridculsed on the tv.

it is as soon as you assume another person's identity with another social security number. Why in the world would you do that? It ties up needed services. How in the world are you going to find the "body" that looks like you with the same dental records? Come on let's be real...your loved ones will be needlessly mourning...what happens when your friends see you and they say "I thought you were...you know" you also have to travel far far away.

I would say it is a type of fraud, due to evasion of taxes and insurance claims. That would be a felony, due to the cost.


No, the faking of your death is not illegal. What is illegal is collecting upon that faked death. Such as life insurance. Also, what is illegal is identity theft, taking someone else's identity as your own. If you fake your own death, then who will you be?

no no no ok your want to fake your death just to have atention.

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