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Is it against the law to curse in public?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is it against the law to curse in public?

is it against the law to curse in public?
is that considerd free speech?


Actually yes it is illegal but i don't think anyone enforces it until they are the ones being cussed. And yes it is freedom of speech. It's one of those damned if you do and damned if you don't things.

Mickey Mouse Spears
It's free speech, and you can curse in public. Just make sure you're in a public place. A privately owned zoo, for example, wouldn't be a public place.

the b-i-s-h
actually if you are causing someone else to be offended it would be considered disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct if you upset a civillian

Christy G
We have an ordinance called disorderly conduct. It covers any abusive, threatening, offensive behavior, or actions to a person or persons". So yes it can be an arrestable offense.

Sheila E
Yes, if you are cursing someone it is considered intent to disturb the breech of the peace. At least that is what they charged me with about ten years ago when I cursed my sister-in-law.


it depends on the state and the county and the municipality, all obscenity laws are 'local'

Free speech has a boundary, especially when there are laws that protect each citizen. You could be charged with a disorderly conduct by using profane or abusive language or gestures which includes giving some the straight finger.

Not in and of itself. If you use naughty words in a normal conversational tone, that's quite legal. If you're screaming and yelling like a lunatic, you could be looking at disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct.

As long as you don't offend anyone, or else that goes against the 13th constitution of free will and proprietary governmentation, which can actually get you imprisoned. This was tried in the Halfer vs Supreme Court Case of 1983. Kinda trippy.

no, cuz otherwise i'd have been locked up years ago, right up in there with my best friends, cuz we all swear like crazy, my sister would have a life sentence just for the last two months

Depends where you are.

Some kid over here got smacked with a fine.

Not for swearing at anyone rudely, just for casually saying F*** in a conversation.....

It's crazy.

Just... be careful what you say when the cops are around. I doubt they would do anything. I mean pretty much everyone swears.....

Nope...it is considered free speech

Yes, punishable by death.

Depends who your cursing at. Say a cop not a good idea its considered assault and you can be arrested, cursing because you kicked your toe is a different story.

Depends on where you live. In the USA? No. In Canada? Depends on what you're saying really. But some countries have stricter speech laws than others.

yes it can be against the law & no obsenity is not covered by first amendment

Totally American
it should be

No its not against the law, but I'm sure some crooked cops would bring you in on disturbing the peace, or something like that.

Its okay to curse in public...Im 10 years old I curse sumtimes not dat much of bad words all I say is id iot fat pr ick and anything I want to say.So its okay 2 curse in public.

Some of you need to do your home work... it is distrubing the peace very where. It is your freedom if you are in your home and no one else can hear it but in public no one wants their children to hear the filth.

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