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Is it an offence to obstruct someone's drive?
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Is it an offence to obstruct someone's drive?

A person keeps parking in the road exactly opposite my drive, this makes it extremely difficult to leave and enter my drive.

It is actually dangerous in that the attention that would normally be given to other traffic and pedestrians is distracted, when trying to avoid this persons car.


Its not exactly an offence but they should not be doing it if its dangerous!

You have to get access to your driveway.

I would go over and explain to them and ask them to park further down a bit.

Val G
Afraid not, unless there are 'No Parking' lines or signs.

I have the same problem - in fact a couple of years ago, my son parked MY car there and I reversed (in my husbands car) straight into it totally buckling the back wheel arch of my car. My hubby's Volvo - built like a tank - wasn't even marked (thank goodness!)!

So all I can suggest is go and buy a good old tank like Volvo! Or better still, one of those 4X4 jobbies with the massive great tractor wheels. THEN if anyone parked there you can simply roll right over them!

Serafina Pekala
We had the exact same problem with a neighbour but we started to park one of our cars on our side of the road to stop anyone parking on the other side and therefore opposite our drive - also, if they continue to do it, why should you take care not to prang their vehicle...? it's their own fault - if you slowly, 'accidently' drive into their car it does no damage to your car! I'm not advising you to do this of course...i wouldn't dream of it!!!

The law says you are entitled to access to the highway. It does not say you are entitled access to your driveway. Therefore if someone parks in a dangerous position denying you access from the driveway to the road, they commit the offence of dangerous parking. You'll need to convince your local plod that there is an element of danger created by this person. Not easy to prove in my experience. Usually it is only after a collision has occurred that a person who parked the vehicle in a dangerous position was prosecuted and convicted.

My neighbour had the same problem. There isn't much that can be done as it isn't actually blocking your car in, it just means you have to manouvre more than you would have to if they weren't there. Have you actually explained the problem to the person who's car it is?

Parking regulations are local, not universal. I don't know of any city that prohibits parking "opposite" one's drive, forcing a sharp turn. There are many cities the prohibit blocking the drive, such that there is no room to get out, but none that prohibit parking across the street from a driveway.

Kevin L
There are generally two offences of obstruction, firstly Wilful obstruction and secondly an unnecessary obstruction, from what you describe i would say that neither offence is applicable, as there is no direct obstruction, your car can still leave and enter your drive.
Are there any parking restrictions on the road? such as double yellow lines? if there are no parking restrictions nothing is actually stopping the vehicle from parking there.
There is an offence of leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position, but again what sort of road is it? what is the speed limit? i presume that as it is opposite your house it is in a built up area, meaning that the road is a single carriageway, one lane in each direction with an enforceable 30 MPH limit. As such i doubt that the offence of Dangerous position applies. Have you tried approaching the owner? usually a first place to start. Or ask for your local beat Officer to attend and view the car, maybe the approach from an Officer to the car's owner would have beneficial results, though don't expect Police action to be taken, as i do not believe, from what you have said that much can be done.

joan k
I would have a word with your local Police as it could be classed as obstruction even though it's not directly across your drive.

Gavin R
No offence committed,however,are you reversing out of your drive onto a carriageway?That IS an offence and if you hit something it is your fault.

Unless they are parking in front of a dropped curb, then no.

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