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Is it illegal for the mailman to skip your house?
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Is it illegal for the mailman to skip your house?

I have a big, white van that is sometimes parked in front of my mailbox. When the car is there, my mailman does not put mail in my mailbox, and skips my house. He/She will go to every other house.

Is this illegal? I want my mail.


We're not suppose to deliver to blocked mailboxes. Due to safety reasons we can't exit our vehicles when we don't need to. Your van was parked in front of the box when it doesn't have to be.

No - actually it's illegal to park your car anywhere that the postal worker can't get to without backing up.

"illegal" is not a parameter in any case. A postman can refuse to enter a property with things such as icy walkway, untied dog etc. If the box is not obvious, move it to where it is! He/she is under no legal obligation to enter your property..

ornery and mean
If your mailbox is blocked by a vehicle, or snow, or anything ... the mailman can (and usually does) refuse to deliver to you.

You can call the post office to complain, but I'll bet your delivery person has a record of how often your mailbox is not accessible.

If you want your mail, keep your mailbox accessible by car!

It isn't illegal. If they can't get to your mail box, you have wild turkeys or unleashed dog in yard they can skip your house.

a gem
call the post office and ask. maybe you don't have mail to be delivered.

No it is in his right not to delver mail if the mailbox is obstruted--snow, loose cement on sidewalk, dog and apparently large white vans

MMh probably YOU GOT NO MAIL

Try not to park your van in front of the mailbox if at all possible. My mailman has been known to skip my house if there's a car blocking his access to my mailbox. He also requested we cut some branches that block his approach.

you're not suppose to block mailboxes is why! its not illegal, its your fault. Plus if he has nothing for you and your flag isn't up with something to be picked up, he won't stop anyway.

Gretchen A
no. your mail man probably just hates you.

As long as your Van or something else is blocking the
mail box he/she is not required to leave your mail...ever.

You really must learn to take
responsibility for your actions...
You caused the problem they didn't...
Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse...

i you park your car in front of the mailbox then they are supposed to skip your mailbox. so move your car.


Call the post office and find out what is their policy on delivery mail.
Maybe its in their contract or something.
To be polite you can also ask them.....???

Becca D
Yes it is.
The mail man is supposed to
deliver your mail to your house.

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