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Is it illegal to curse at a police or be respectful to him?
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Is it illegal to curse at a police or be respectful to him?

Is it illegal to curse at tnem or may be just turn on high beam when he walks past me or act like he's smelly.

I'm not saying I'm going to do those things. I'm just curious.


It is not illegal but it is not very smart either. They came get you for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct or obstruction of justice and take you in for those. At a minimum you would get printed and probably get to sit in the clink for a short while. You may win in court but is it really worth it?

Well it is but its all up to police officer if hes like good man then he would ask for reason and smile. but if hes a s s then your in big trouble he will get you some how the others.

Nope. It's covered under the First Amendment of the Constitution, Freedom of Speech.

Well, you see, all laws are subjective. It would not be a good idea to curse at a police officer- he or she could arrest you for any reason. That language may even be considered assault (verbal assault).

Most police I have met do NOT have a sense of humor- certainly not a self-deprecating sense of humor. I would not chance it. It is better to be respectful to the law.

On a bad note, the police are getting more militarized in the United States- they are often now carrying automatic weapons, in addition to automatic donut machines, automatic coffee beans, etc. Don't fudge, or you'll have to face a judge!!!!

PS- hey, did you ever notice how Police Chief Wiggum (on the Simpsons) looks...I mean, what he looks like? Ya know, his nose, face, etc. LOL!

Okay dude: On a serious note- I just asked my law professor this question, and he said that you could be fined if you profane a police officer, or if you disrespect an officer in uniform. You might even be arrested, or, if you live in a place like Dekalb County, GA, you might even be subject to a severe Rodney King-esque type of beating.

do not piss them off, it will cost you in the long run. just play their game and go on your way.

the cops will arrest you for BS things then make you look bad to a judge. you can try that freedom of speech thing but by then it's all up to the judge.

Remember the old saying, "curiosity killed the cat." Don't do it...you could get in some really serious trouble. And, if you do decide to exercise your curiosity on this matter, we will read about it in "America's Dumbest Criminals."

Hope you don't live in Orange County, FL. TASERTASERTASER!

use your common sense you were born with

Years ago the courts ruled that a police officer could not be "offended". That ruling was overturned and now a police officer CAN be "offended". In Texas disorderly conduct has many variations. One of them is the use of foul or abuse language that can be offending to another person. So to answer your question. You can be arrested for cursing at a police officer. As for the second part of the question, if you high beam an officer it could be construde as an attempt to cause an accident or to misguide the officer and lead him/her to believe he/she is being "blinded" in order for someone within the vehicle to do harm to him/her. The officer is then justified to take the appropriate action to protect themselves from harm.

I don't think it's illegal unless you make a threat which would be assault. But if you annoy him with the high beams or something, as he walks by he'll bump your mirror. Then he will right you a ticket for a maladjusted mirror. They will do something to find a way to write you a ticket, some obscure law that no one ever gets a ticket for. So, treat people as you wanna be treated.

yes they can get you for disorderly conduct and a bunch of other crap, so wait till he leaves if you want to call him something

Kathy 1
In the United States you have the right to free speech, however if you threaten a police officer you will go to jail. Also depending on the officer, and what kind of day he is having you could be putting yourself in jeopardy. My advise, leave them alone.

No, it is NOT illegal to cuss at a police officer, because A)These are man-made "bad words", and therefore fall under the Freedom of Speech right. B)>> Is the use of the G and J words, The H*** words, the D*** words which are forbidden by the Bible, yet still legal as well. Most people think that man made cussing is worse than the Bible bad words which is not so. God only forbids His Words from misuse. Anywho, anyone that is stupid enuff to cuss out a cop, can certainly be maced for disorderly conduct, IF attached to drinking and driving, during some criminal act. Cussing in itself is not illegal. Tell them you have Tourette's.

kristal d
Is it illegal to curse at a police officer? It might be. Some may say that it is intimidation, threatening. Being respectful is not illegal, but should be practiced!
Why all the hate mongers with the law enforcement?

sharon p
yes because you can be charged for obstruction of justice if you are yelling and cursing at a officer. It could also be assault.

In the State of Texas you can be charged with Disorderly Conduct by Language for cursing at a policeman. Also, you can be pulled over and cited for failing to dim your lights.

as long as you do it behind there back and they don't see i think you'll be fine. also just do it once or twice then a good policeman will ask you to calm down and only arrest you if you continue doing after that.

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