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Is it illegal to drive with your high beams on all the time?
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Is it illegal to drive with your high beams on all the time?

my brothe and i are in a heated discussion he the jail house lawyer say ohh you can get a ticket for driving with your high beams on when there is no need for them


The Code of Massachusetts Regulations, Chapter 540, Section 22, "Failure to Dim," says you must flick off your high beams when you're within 500 feet of a car approaching in the opposite direction -- a considerable distance.

Yes it is because it is distracting and dangerous to other drivers.

Dan H
You are supposed to dim your high beams when you approach another car from the rear and when you and another car are coming toward each other. Each state mandates a distance. It's usually around 1000 feet for oncoming traffic and 500 feet when behind another vehicle.

Your brother is right. The charge is called "Failure to dim lights"

YES! I pull people over for it all the time. It is also an indicator of impaired driving.

Yes there is a statute that states that you have to dim them when following a vehicle less than 500 yards away , and when meeting oncoming traffic. Try it on a cop and I bet you will even get the statute # for it.

its not fair on other drivers if you have your high beams on all the time so its polite to turn em down when other vehicles are around.

Yes, it is indeed illegal, as it can be blinding & cause an accident.

I have never heard of anyone getting a ticket for failing to dim headlights to on coming traffic but I have a pet peeve for people having those so called sport lights in their newer vehicles located in the lower part of the bumpers. I have written police departments, traffic control officers, and in Canada the ministry of highways. The all responded to me in saying that it is illegal not to dim or turn these lights off to oncoming traffic. They went on to say also that they are not priority and that in most cases they do not bother to enforce these issues. I finally gave up trying. I guess someone must pay the ultimate price with their life and have it proven in court that this was the cause of someones demise because someone forgot or refused to dim their high beams and so called sports lights.

Yes, it blinds the person you are meeting.

yes, they blind other drivers

My Volvo has its light on all the time.even during the day. it is safer and no law against it. except at night . be courteous to on coming traffic

Claire M
well at night you can cause someone temporary blindness if youre blasting your high beams in their eyes and they can crash...people that do that make me furious. no offense.

burning for you
Yeah actually the police can stop you for that and give you a warning. Plus it's not a good idea anyways, you obstruct people's views and that might make them crash into you.

I don't know if it is illegal but I know it is very dangerous to other drivers. It could possible keep you from getting into any accident if you keep them off.

yes it is illeagle to drive with your hibeams on all the time. you need to be courtious and dim them for oncoming traffic and when you get within 500 ft of the car in front of you. you can seriously blind another driver and cause an accident or kill someone, also the ticket varies from state to state, but here in AZ they start at $150. for the first and go up each time you are cited.

I drive a semi all over the country and it is illeagle in all states.

Bill S
Hi...... The answer is yes. Invitation to a nice big fat ticket!!!!


sorry, but the jail house lawyer is right, it is against the law, at least in my state, the high beams can blind the other driver and low beams are preferred.

Gone for good...
In the UK yes, it is. Same as driving rear fog lamps on unless conditions require this.

yes i think law enforcement discourages high beams when not necessary. I was crossing a bridge at 3am one morning and my high beams were on cuz it was raining so hard i could barely see. A police car was facing my direction sitting there and he high beamed me back. I assumed it was because my high beams were on and he wanted it off. because i was going the speed limit. I turned off my high beams and he stopped beaming me too

why are north american drivers so clue less to driving habits of common sense if you used your high beams on all the time in Europe you go to jail your brother should get an IQ test


Yes, it is illegal to drive with your lights on high beam. It is only legal if you are in an area that doesn't have any lighting on the roadway for a long stretch.

Yes you can get a ticket, sorry. It is very dangerous to drive around like that. Not so much for you but for other drivers. Some people, especially older, have a hard time adjusting their eyes from that bright light to complete darkness. It could cause another driver to crash.

Valley R
Yes, you will be ticketed.

Yes you can get a ticket because it distracts other drivers and can cause an accident.

In most states yes and it's very inconsiderate, not to mention dangerous for other drivers on the road. Just use your high beams when your on a very dark road with no other traffic.

Duh, of course. I have given tickets for it before- Failure to dim lights.

yes, esp in a city.

It's illegal and very dangerous to other drivers. It's basically a moving violation but if you get the cop sore at you, he might cite you for "careless driving" which is a high points offense.

Good luck


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