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Is it illegal to flip off a cop?
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Is it illegal to flip off a cop?


While I don't believe that it is illegal, I am almost positive you will not like the consequences.

No but I'm sure he'll find something else you did that was illegal after you do it.

Thor's screwdriver
As a police officer I can tell you that it is not illegal in my state. I encourage anyone so inclined to do it often. Show off your contempt for authority as well as your huge balls by flipping off the police. That'll show'em good. Like any police officer worth his salt gives two sh*ts about somebody's finger.

Just extremely stupid. Do you want a cop pissed at you? They will give you their 100% attention then, and be looking hard to find something to arrest you on. Do not disrespect or you will be disrespected.

No, but it's very disrespectful. Not all cops are out of get people despite what some people say. They're are typically doing their job.

Theresa H
I don't know if it is illegal or not but my Aunt use to beep, wave and flip off this one cop who sat in the same spot everyday! Of course, he already had given her 3 tickets for speeding but she was never ticketed for that behavior.

no, but it's rather stupid. you could get a nightstick upside the head. is it worth that?

Depends on the officer.

But really it's just an immature thing to do. If they gave no reason, why even get something started? Just because they're doing their job? or because they're in uniform, upholding the law? Better yet, why would anyone want to start drama like that? Sometimes there are grumpy ones, sure, but does that help the situation, or make it worse?

That's what I though....

It's disorderly conduct.

vincent g
If not, you should be turned over an adults kn ee and spanked. You deserve more for being stupid if this is what you did.

steddy voter
Lol, I really wouldn't recommend it. They'll find something to get you on - public lewdness, disturbing the peace, etc.

When done to a peace officer, it is disorderly conduct. On YouTube, this idiot thinks it will be funny to run up to a cop and flip him off. His buddy is filming in a car. The guy jumps out, runs up to the officer, flips him off with both fingers right in the officer's face. The officer got startled and thought the guy was going to attack him so the officer whips out his expandable baton and starts beating him, LOL. Spitting on a cop is a battery, I wouldn't recommend doing either.

It would be disorderly conduct and or harassment. And depending on where, why, why, and other considerations, it could be other things as well.

It depends on what you mean by flip off.

No, because it's freedom of speech. Everyone who said it's stupid is correct though, especially if you're driving- they can always find something to charge with on the road, whether you were driving badly or not. If you're just standing there and see some cops and flip 'em off that depends too- if you're a homie with a long rap sheet, they might smack you around- your word against a cop's. But if you're a suburban teenage girl who decides to 'rebel against the man' they'll probably just scold you and send you on your way.

Alina >_<
doubt it. (what do you want em to say? ''oh sure give him the finger whenever you want'' ) that probably wouldn't roll well.

not illegal but probably not the best of ideas either. unless of course you have good reason :P

Well depends on the state you are in. Here is is not an offense to flip any one off. The courts in my state of the USA has also ruled that one are allowed the use offense gestures and language because that's covered by the bill of rights as long as there is no cause or suspicion of violence to that person who its directed to. If there is a reason or suspicion of violence it can be considered disorderly conduct. Hate crime laws are also worded in a similar manner here. It can be argued thet a simple "flippn the bird" has no violent intentions to the cop but only a expression of that person dislikeing cops.

No, go ahead, have fun!

nicole g
a good way to start a big problem for you

Not illegal, just stupid.

tocarra m
No it is not illegal...just stupid. The people here that are claiming that it is a crime to do so are all wrong. In fact, you would get in more trouble for doing so to a private person than a cop. Law enforcement officers are held to a different standard and are expected to take more crap than the average person.

george e
i don't know i never don it why did you get in some s,hit over it

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