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Is it likely my probation officer will drug test me on my first visit with him post-sentencing?
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Is it likely my probation officer will drug test me on my first visit with him post-sentencing?

I was charged with a DUI with consent (not on my record). I have 6 months probation, 10:00 curfew and random drug screens. Do you think my PO will drug test me on my first visit with him 4 days after sentencing?


Bad M
Yep - in my state they test at EVERY meeting for a drug or DUI offense. So don't be a dummy - stay off the sauce.

why you're still doing drugs. well here's a thought STOP DOING DRUGS

If you're that worried abou it... here's a novel idea:

Stay clean!!

I believe they can call you in for a random drug test at any time while you're on probation. So while they may not do it on your first visit... who's to say they're not going to call you 2 days later to come in for a test.

Yes. Always assume you're going to be tested.

Blue Steel & Lace
Count on it.

It depends. What is your criminal history like? Was your DUI for alcohol, or drugs? Are you and adult or minor? Most of the time it is up to your PO. If you stumble into his office and say "Pass the Ritz maaaaaaaaaaaan!" You will get piss tested. Sounds like a great oppurtunity in your life to quit using alcohol and drugs.

David B
surely wouldnt bet otherwise.

mary texas
Since you haven't learned yet go ahead and use. It will save everyone time and energy to put you back now. The drug screens are there for people like me that don't like drunks driving. I will be clear I am an alcoholic and I figured out not drinking was more appealing than going to jail,killing innocent people or even myself. I hope you get it before you kill and innocent family

Yes he will. Otherwise, he wouldn't be doing his job.

only p
Dude, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! What are you doing drugs for. Your DUI should have been a rude awakening.

Jim P
It depends. Are you running for public office? If so, a drug screen is doubtful...

Why would you think otherwise?
I would assume he will.
If you are still doing drugs, then it is pretty obvious you are going to get busted again and if you aren't, then you better stay straight.
The alternative ain't pretty.

your going to Fail !

ha ha ha

Wow thats pretty harsh punishment for a D.U.I. I was pissed because I was on probation for 3 months and I only got drug tested the last time I saw him.

As a probation officer, I can tell you that if your officer is a good officer, you will be tested at the first appt. Random drug screens in my office consist of 1. Officer randomnly calling clients in to test. 2. Officers setting cliet up on the color program where you call in daily to see if your color comes up. Dude...stay clean.

Anne M
Yes he is going to do multiple drug testing.

Have you give him a reason to?

Expect it at all times. He may come to your home, work or where ever he feels like. He can seek you out and make you test at any and all times.
Most likely he won't have the time due to the amount of people he is working with but you never know.
Yes, to your answer.

stephen p
You can bet your probation on it! You will be tested then, and any other time that the situation warrants it. My advice is to STAY CLEAN and successfully complete your probation period. You won't like the alternative!!!!

I don't get it
Actually no, I don't think he will but he definately will your second month so stop now. Drugs 28 days and alcohol takes 30 days to leave your system.While he can't violate you if you did them before being placed on probation he could if it's next month. Don't mess this up for 6 months, that's easy.

Yea you should expect a test bro but with such a short time after sentencing you can easily fail a test because of prior use before court. I just told my PO i used when i was in jail and signed a waiver saying i admitted to using it but no punishment or violation was issued because i admitted to it and told her I was in the process of getting clean.

scared shitless
my first probation officer visit is monday, today is thursday and i have took some hydrocodone and zanaflex. if i dont take anymore will my system be clear? im scared and never been in this kind of trouble before and dont know what to expect on my first visit with PO. will someone please give me some input????

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