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Is running from the cops for no reason a felony what is the crime called?
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Is running from the cops for no reason a felony what is the crime called?

like seeing a car and for no reason start running


No felony, just stupidity.

The original running isn't a crime, just a reason for suspicion. If, after the cop gives chase and orders you to stop, you keep running, you would be guilty of resisting arrest.

Pablo Rueben
Merely running from a police officer is not a crime. However, running from a police officer that told you to "Stop!" is a misdemeanor crime of resisting/delaying a peace officer. It becomes a felony if someone, other than you, gets hurts during the process of you resisting/delaying a peace officer.

Brett E

jules vane
Evading arrest- Resisting arrest- not a felony

Running is always going to get their attention.... this gives them suspicion enough to stop and talk to you.

Generally people do not run from the police for no reason.

While it is not wise to run from a Police Officer at any time, to do so, unless you are fleeing from the commission of a felonious act, would only constitute a "Misdemeanor" charge being brought against the person that ran. This is commonly called : "Evading Detention" because as soon as the Officer sees you run at the sight of Him, it constitutes probable cause for an "Investigatory Stop". In some cases I've heard of Police Officers chasing down a kid and when He found out the kid ran for the heck of it (for fun), the Officer actually planted a baggy of Marijuana on the kid and arrested the kid for possession, and asked the kid How do you like my game? So, It's not wise to play with the cops. Not to mention the kid in Texas who ran from the Police, and when the kids cellphone rang the kid reached in His jacket to answer the cellphone and the Cop drew His weapon and fired "Killing" the Kid. That's when they found out "IT WAS ONLY A CELLPHONE!!

It can be called Fleeing and Eluding, Hindering and Opposing a Police Investigation, or Obstruction of Justice. All 3 are felonies.

Don't run from the police.

Mike M
Evasion of an officer of the law is a felony in some states. If you have nothing to hide, you will probably be let off after some roughing up. Why would someone run from a cop if they have nothing to hide though? If you get caught with something or caught for something, that will consist of the offense.

It depends on where you live. Pennsylvania is in the process of making it a felony.

In Illinois, the answer is - that is not a crime.

But what usually happens after that, is the officer tells the runner to stop, if he/she does; no problem. If he/she doesn't stop it's called Obstructing a Peace Officer (a misdemeanor).

(720 ILCS 5/31‑1) (from Ch. 38, par. 31‑1)
Sec. 31‑1. Resisting or obstructing a peace officer or correctional institution employee.

Link below....

Hope this helps.

jay L
Sure it's illegal, it's called *** Hole in the day / night time, usually a misdemeanor

In WA there are two different laws. Failure to yield (misdemeanor) and Eluding (felony). It does not matter why you are not stopping. If you do not immediately pull to the right and stop, you are guilty of failure to yield. If you continue driving and are actively trying to elude the officer (running stop sign, red lights, turning off headlights etc) it is a felony.

resisting arrest.
depends on location.

Attempting to elude a Police Officer. It's a misdemeanor, not a felony.

If the officer Persues you and you run.

Obstruction of Justice.

2 pt: Its a small crime, like getting slapped on the hand.

However, considering that officers are abusing their taser powers, I would think twice about running and getting shocked. LOL

look dude not all feloned is stupid or bad like 4 me im a feloned im on house arrest right now and i dont think people r bad they just off a little and people who conmitted crimes r human 2 im not saying they should not be punish but they still are people

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