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Is there a number to call If i expect my downstairs neighbor is doing and selling drugs?
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Is there a number to call If i expect my downstairs neighbor is doing and selling drugs?

this is serious, i dont like this going on in my home area, and someone in my home has asthma.....i cant call the cops, they need proof, they wont just og in, ther eis a number i was once told of that you can call and they will investigate it


Call your local Crimestoppers. Its completely anonymous and they only want the info that u know not ur name.

Yep, you can call the police. However, be kinda sure. You do not want to call the police in on innocent people then the police come out and act a fool and make a stupid mistake and someone is accidently injured.

listen lady do not call the police alright for one thing its not hurting you another thing is if you do he just might come back to get you. so i advise u not to do it. "if it aint broke dont fix it"

Your state should have a law enforcement that specializes in narcotics. they are a different agency than your local police department.

That isn't entirely true. The cops have to follow up on all complaints. You could also call 911. If it is a call to the police, they won't fault you for making a non-emergency call. And they have to follow up because a written report will be made.

Contact the police narcotics section and tell them you believe that they are dealing. Be specific as to what you observed.

Steven C
call the police and talk to someone in narcotics they will be able to help you out

What kind of drug is it? If it is Marijuana I don't think you should do anything about it because it's not that harmful. However, if it is something dangerous than you can call the cops.

Call your precinct's community affairs department. That doesn't mean 911, it means their full number during daytime work week. Tell them you want to remain anonymous.

snitches are not liked, move.

Surely the police can tell you who to ring I find that very strange that they cant get someone to investigate.

call your local police department and ask to talk to any one in
the detective unit ,and they might want to talk to you about what is going in in your area ,

I would call the non-emergency number for the police. If you call 911, they will get annoyed and either not respond or not be nice about responding, but if you call the non-emergency number and ask that the police come out and investigate, they most likely will at least get it started. They don't need you to offer proof, that's what THEY do.

Other options: if you live in apartments (you said your "downstairs neighbors"), go to your landlord or the apartment management company to make a formal complaint, in writing. Even if you can't get them to prove your neighbors are doing/dealing drugs, a lot of the tell-tale signs, like a constant stream of questionable visitors, are lease violations.

If there is an actual narcotics team in the local police department, contact them. Or try Crimestoppers.

I would definately call the landlord first, though.

Good luck.

yes...look in your yellow pqges and find the non-emergency number. call the cops

Errrrrr...try the Police!

Lamar -
Your local FBI office, your friendly neighborhood federal officers to the rescue. Of course no agency can do anything without proof (unless your Homeland security but I don't think they care much about your small time narcotic dealers)

Tip: contact your local biker gang and for a fee they can take care of the problem to :D

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