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Laws regarding children playing ball games in street, with ball hitting my car and landing in my garden?
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Laws regarding children playing ball games in street, with ball hitting my car and landing in my garden?

I would like to understand whether any laws exist to prohibit ball games in a residential close. I am not against children playing, but the ball seems to often hit my car which is parked in the drive. The ball is also often retrieved from the garden without permission. I have requested that the ball games are played on a nearby grass area, but the parents of the children have now further encouraged their children to play ball games more often.


James R
If the ball comes into your garden, they are not allowed to enter your boundary to retrieve it. But trespass is civil law, and the police will not act- you will need to prosecute.

The ball, when it enters your boundary, remains the children's property. If you keep it, you are committing theft - a criminal offence for which the police can arrest you. However, if you just leave the ball where it rests, they will not.

If the ball hits your car, you have to prove it was deliberate - then it's classed as criminal damage and the police can arrest the offender. If it was accidental, you need to bring a civil case and prove negligence to get recompense for any damage.

In practice though - you are stuck with the problem. I suggest you go out and shake your fist and shout things like "you young whippersnappers, keep that ball away from my car, or I'll set my dog on you".

Big River
Dont get involved with trying to get them to stop.

Instead take an old pair of shoes and nail a carpet tack through the sole from the inside.

Whilst the kids are playing football, go outside and ask if you can join in, play for a couple of minutes then put your foot(with the nail in it on top of the ball and puncture it.
Immediately kick the ball to one of the others and let them play on till the ball deflates.

When a new ball arrives do it again and be really upset when they run out of balls.

Allan M
There are by-laws to prevent this kind of thing and it is a social problem to residents in many areas The main reasons for it however is that good law abiding citizens with young children are feared to let children out of their sight. Places where they would normally play safely are fewer and fewer because local authorities have sold off school playing fields for development, and the love affair with cars is endemic with more than 30k vehicles on British roads!!

It's a public space. The children are allowed to play there. Common neighbourliness means that it is OK for the children to retrieve their ball. If you do not allow them to do this, then you are simply being a grumpy old git. What harm can it do? The odd ball hitting your car, so long as it is not a cricket ball, does zero damage. Lighten up a little. I'm glad I don't live next to you.

i think maybe in "requesting" you have made matters worse did you do it in a nice manner ? there must be some reason why the parents have taken offence at you

The police deal with this sort of thing contact them for advice...and you are not been a grumpy old git..if the ball is hitting your car it is your property and no doubt cost you a small fortune....you have a right to look out for your property

in the main there is nothing immediate in the law that covers this, however, the Harassment act can cover nuisance youths kicking a ball against your car etc, if you contact your local police officer and discuss the issues, he can if necessary warn these kids about what they are doing, if he has to do this more than twice then they can be arrested under the above act. But that is going to the extreme

if youve made reasonable requests pointing out about it hitting your car and it gets damaged, then you can sue the parents (or the children if theyre over 10) however you should put it in writing and send a copy as proof that you have pointed out that you are concerned about the possibility of damage.
if the ball lands in your garden then they are not allowed to enter to retrieve it without permission. It sounds as if your neighbours are harassing you so maybe you might wish to contact the police

Don't take it personally.
All parents encourage their children to exercise.

As for the balls.
That is such and old issue that many movies have been made about it over the years.
Maybe you could make them think your house is haunted.
Or just get them to fear you.

Granny 1
Talk to the parents if that doesn't work call the police, if there is damage done to your car it would be concerted property damage and I'm sure they would fine the parents.

the mofo
No directly the police and criminal services cannot enforce prohibitions on ball games in the street.

They can attend and give advise to the kids and their parents.

If the hitting the car is malicious or intentionl, then if you are prepared to give a statement and stand up in court then they may be able to do soemthing.
Or there may be an ASBO out of it if its done out of mischief rather than honest action.

Dont forget though that the age of criminal responsibility is 10, so if they are younger police are powerless.

as for the trecpass, police again cannot be involved in civil trespass unless they stay on your property or use a weapon to threaten the owner and make it aggravate d trespass

also i mean this in honesty, i kno it has an effect on your life, but he police have other things to do. we all honestly go
"oh god" when a nuisance kids job comes in as most of the time we know there ws nothing we can do.

It can be resolved by yourselves by some adult communication

It is a nightmare living in a street or cul-de-sac where children play ball in the street I've experienced it myself.

I borrowed a friends Guard Dog and chained it in the garden, put up a sign saying Guard dog on patrol, it bites. I always took it in if I was going out as it is illegal to leave a guard dog alone to roam the premisses, after that there were no balls kicked into my garden.

There should be a local by law to stop football being played in the street, if you call the police you may be targeted by some of the inconsiderate neighbours.

Tenn Gal
Make a police report and let them talk with these parents.

It's nice to be able to watch your children, but you have to have respect for your neighbors, and their property. If you've tried to talk to the parents, with negative results, then your only other option is to call the Police. I know it's a hard decision. You have to live there.

I've been trying to get a law passed prohibiting gardens in areas where children are playing ball.

Would you support it? If so, call your representatives.

What about laws against neighbors barricading the street with cones so that kids can play in the street? I find it ridiculous that parents even allow their small children to play in the street like its ok! I have kids and I don't think it is ok I would be an irresponsible parent if I let them get hurt on a street where other neighbors need access to get to their own homes. I had this incident this evening coming home from work where I had to stop and wait for the kids to move and the cones to be moved so I could get home! I find it very frustrating that the mother of one of the kids had nerve to write a nasty note and come into MY driveway and put it on my brand new car because I said something about how they are rude and inconsiderate and teaching their children bad habits that could ultimately land them 6 feet under ground. I even have a NO TRESPASSING sign in my window!! Which she also violated. UNBELIEVABLE! Then has nerve to question my caring of children! HELLO they shouldn't be in the street where many cars must use to gain access to their own homes~ What are my rights as a concerned parent and homeowner?? anyone have any advice?

I live in an area where there is a decent space, as big as a badninton court, here football is played with much frenzy and noise.Sometimes the entire day on sunday. Confronting has been of no avail. The very parents of these children have encouraged them to play all the more. The police have warned them, a complaint was taken off, but inspite of all this, they continue to play, as if to challenge that nothing can be done to them. To the point where the fencing of my garden has been broken for easy retrieval of the ball. Talking to their parents resulted in a huge uproar and all came to have a heated argument and thatz that. After that they continued with their play as though nothing has happened. Theres no other way other then making the Police intervene and solve this situation.

What if the ball breaks your window? i don't suppose their parents would be in a hurry to pay!

This is going on non stop, children yelled at a Tesco delivery that his parking over parking spaces was an illegal act then when he left kicked their ball into my car several times( could not see me as I was behind curtains) .........when there is a super proper ball game park just around the corner.......these activities are sometimes ludicrous !!!!

Marion Rodgers
The children in the garden next to me play football in there garden the ball frequently comes into my garden I have always thrown it back when I find it. I have dogs and I have noticed that they are now jumping a 5ft fence and coming in to retrieve the ball its the parents that are do this which appart from anything else is setting a terrible example to the children can they leagally do this.

you parents who allow your kids to kick balls against your neighbours cars etc should be made to pay .for gods sake get some brains and decency you IDIOTS

Come on guys I don't think that all this is necessaries so long as you tell them to avoid your drive i don't think they will mind, I live on a cul-de-sac and we have a woman just like you who comes out shouting, when in fact her car is parked on the road, i think if they are doing it on purpose and you know they are try talking to the parents, and if that fails put up a fence! Personally I think you are reading far too much into this; there just children having some fun and trying to enjoy their youth...

I do not think you are grumpy at all, and if somebody think like that maybe some children should to play around their property, and see how it will make them feel after their cars will be smashed by ball. Talk to parents straight that is really bothering you and you are not against kids having fun , just worries you that something can be damaged and you are low on money, so, and if they will ignore you - tell them that you have to contact the police to resolve it. You have right protect you and your property. They live there and you live there too. they must learn to respect and it concerns those who wrote that you just grumpy, must learn to respect others or just move to separate island and live there. This planet belongs to all of us, so best ,we should to learn ourselves and teach our kids to respect others too.

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