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My brother was put in jail and the website says he is charged with MTSASS. Anyone know what this means?
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My brother was put in jail and the website says he is charged with MTSASS. Anyone know what this means?

Additional Details
Shelby County, Alabama


Shelby County Al.
Will see judge-No Bail Set on this charge and probably will not be set either

The Most II
It's a very serious offence. It stands for...

Making Toasted Sandwiches Aboard Satan's Sailboat.

Bad sh*t man.

it means he's screwed

stupid is as stupid does
i am sure that it took me less time to find the answer than it did for you to type in your question.the answer is.

motion to set aside suspended sentence

it means he or you,defaulted on your bond and did not show up for court.now the suspendid sentance has been revoked and you go to jail.

Elliott M
no matter what it is ,it's good the got the dangerous *** of the street

What state?

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