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My fiance is a police officer, what can I do for his birthday?
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My fiance is a police officer, what can I do for his birthday?

My fiance and I have been together for almost 4 years now. He recently graduated the police academy in July and is working as a cop for 2 different areas.. Any ideas what might be a good present for him? Im trying to go with stuff that he really could use for work... I was thinking a taser (he is certified) but he keeps saying that he doesn't really need one since the departments are getting tasers donated to them soon. He has all the basics that a cop would need to do his job but is there any items out there that I could splurge a little on him?
Additional Details
He has the St. Michaels badge, he hangs it in the car (that was his grad. present) plus he has about 3 sets of hand cuffs, gloves that he bought, enough flashlights to supply the whole dept. This is really tough! I like the idea about the greeting him at the door wearing his shirt though... that was something I never thought of. And the alarm clock was cute! (I can't stand his!)... the case of beer and doughnuts were a given lol. DECISIONS, DECISIONS!


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Weekend at Bernies
LOL I love the donut idea! I am sure he is proud but I would not recommend gifts he would use at work. How about a session of paint ball or lazer tag? Have fun! It's his birthday!

spirit dummy
Handcuff him to the bedpost and then - ------

Jerduen, Q and Xi
Donuts maybe? Just kidding.

You can buy him a branded utility tool. Leatherman, Gerber or Victorinox is every man's like.

Charlie Fingers
A gold St. Christopher's medal to tape to the trauma insert of his ballistic vest.

A pair of the new ASP handcuffs that come in red, yellow, blue, and PINK


When he comes home, meet him at the door wearing one of his uniform shirts, a pair of handcuffs, and a smile...

Take him on a trip to Vegas....combination birthday/graduation present.

First off, congrats.
If your not afraid of firearms, I would look into getting him a small one for back up use or concealed carry, but this is something you would want to consult with him about because all firearms are different. Then maybe see if you can't get it engraved with something special on it.

Or maybe something that he enjoys doing off duty.

Some ideas;
back-up weapon, better flashlight, better gloves (than useless department issue) etc
gift certificate to police supply store
membership of gym/shooting range
something completely non cop related, he'll need outside interests if he is gonna make this his career-hopefully he has some other hobbies.

A GOOD HIGH QUALITY PAIR OF BOOTS WITH GOOD SOLES! sore feet make for a bad shift.

On the night of his birthday go handcuff yourself to the bed and yell at him that you wanna play good cop bad cop.

Congratulations. Hang on for a wild ride.

I'm with the "doesn't-have-to-be-a-work-present" crowd, but that's your choice. If you want to get him something work-related, do not get him something like a pen. We lose them regularly and very nasty, icky people would be touching it from time to time.

A Leatherman is a really good idea. I use mine all the time and I honestly don't know how I got along without it. Very valuable piece of equipment.

Don't get him a gun. Let him do that himself. It's his life he's going to be saving with it, let him decide which one he wants to use.

Otherwise, I'm liking Charlie's idea.

A lot :)

Get him a second gun to carry as backup. My suggestions would be a Glock 26 (9mm) or 27 (40 S&W) depending on whether he carries a Glock at work. If he's allowed, get him a Glock 30 in 45acp. Or as a last case scenario, a Smith and Wesson J frame revolver with a shrouded hammer.

Other than that, if your budget is more limited, get him a better flashlight (Surefire G2 or 6P with a CREE lightbulb upgrade and a box of CR123 batteries) or a knife like a CRKT M16.

Congrats to your fiancee on graduating and for his future service to the community!

squared away
The Winchester expandable baton is nice.

Most, if not all things, he needs for his job will be supplied by the department(s) including taser (that's such a touchy subject these days across the country, I'm surprised you would even have considered it in the first place). Just because your fiance is now a cop, doesn't necessarilly mean you have to have a job-themed brithday for him. Trust me...in the end it really is just a job (my boyfriend is a cop and my dad is a retired cop). Just spoil him with something he would enjoy regardless - tickets to a sporting event, concert, some item he collects, a weekend getaway, something of that nature.

Uh something that you ight get any other man for his birthday

Give him a huge donut, cops are pigs and they love donuts

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