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Not guilty? do they hold you on remand?
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Not guilty? do they hold you on remand?

if u go not guilty, do they have to remand you until a trial date comes forward?
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they defo hold you on remand? they cant bail you til a date?


Remand applications are initially requested by the police. They are requested for a number of reasons, such as;

- Prevent the defendant failing to appear at court
- Prevent further offences being committed whilst on bail
- Prevent interference of witnesses
- Breach bail conditions

Remand applications are heard by the court and decided upon individually on the merits of each case. The seriosness and previous history of the defendant will be taken into account. There has to be some indication that the offender will do one of the above whilst on bail.

Just going not giulty is not sufficient.

What's "defo hold you"? Try using English.

If you plead not guilty, then the court can either hold you on bond or release you on your own recognizance. It usually depends on the nature of the crime and your criminal history. Sometimes it's based on how you act in court.

it totally depends on what you are charged with
if you are seen as a threat to the public or the police believe that you are likely to commit more crime then they will keep you in custody

Ms. N
It depends on the judge, if they see you as a flight risk, a danger to the victim (if there is one) or if you really piss off the judge. Probably not wise to do the last, it won't work in your favor.

It really does depend on the crime, the danger you pose to others, the likelihood that you will reoffend if released, any previous convictions and the nature of these, and your attitude towards the crime/situation that has occurred.

Stig Bubblecard
It depends on the offence. But in theory you could be held on remand.

Andy G {Join The Resistance}
It really depends on the charges that are brought against the suspect. There is an arraignment and the suspect pleads not guilty it is up to a judge to set a hearing or a trial. You can be held on remand if you committed a crime that was considered a public threat (murder, arson, communicating threats, etc) and a judge can set the bail amount.
In most cases, the judge will release a defendant without bail and order for the defendant to the hearing/trial at a later date. In other cases a judge can set an amount for bail that can be paid on the day of the arraignment.

It all really depends on the charges.

Fudgiie A

Not necessarily- you could get bail until a trial date.

It depends on the offence. In the UK you would have to commit genocide not to get bail these days.

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