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Police did not take witness names after assault!?
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Police did not take witness names after assault!?

I was working the door in my own pub recently & was assaulted by 3 men & their partners, They dragged me off the stair & punched and kicked me on the ground, They also deliberately tried to & succeeded to pull most of my long hair out of the back of my head!! the police who attended the crime only took witness statements from myself & 2 of my SIA trained staff. i asked them to go and take names of other witnesses who were watching the incident & they didnt, As a result i have been told that there is not enough evidence to charge them, so where do i stand??


Make a complaint, I don't blame you for feeling gutted

Was there any CCTV? I'm sure that the police could look at that, even without the witnesses. Even if there isn't they should talk to other witnesses, because these people might go out and attack somebody else.

contact the inspector of the officers who are dealing with this, and complain. Raise these points with him and tell him you are not satisfied. He must look into the matter.
I know what you mean though, my daughter was assaulted (she was 15), her witness was her friend who was in foster care and the police would not take a statement from her as they said anyone in care is an unreliable witness.
There are a lot of police officers who unfortunatley, don't deserve to wear their badge. If you still get no-where contact their complaints comission.

joan k
Complain to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, it will go to your local Police Force, but they don't like to going to the IPCC as they oversee the complaint. This is lazy and incompetent, I would be furious.

Go to the police complaints department. It may be better coming from a solicitor. This is lazy and incomptetent.

You stand at the door of a Barrister's office and raise bloody Haell!!!! Take it to court!!!

The same thing happened to me with an armed robbery, the police wouldn't take statements from 4 witnesses.
You can always write a letter of complaint but nothing will be done, try writing to the Professional Standards Department.


Ian UK
First off, do you know for sure that they didn't speak to the other witnesses? They may have done this without your knowledge.

If they didn't then they really should to get the full picture.

Bear in mind however that the decision to not proceed further would have been made by or with guidance from the CPS.

It is the CPS that you would need to speak to if you're not happy with the decision.

sadly you dont really have a case. if the inspector of the station doesnt want to push it-it doesnt even get as far as cps.its unfair-but the way it is

Go to the Police complaints authority, if you have the names and or numbers of those who attended this will help you substantiate your complaint...Failing that make some time and go to the Citizens Advice Centre nearest to you and see what they have to offer in the way of constructive advice..
Being a doorman can be difficult enough without this nonsense.....

You need to visit a doctor and have your injuries documented. Also, have photos taken of your injuries.

The police have not done their job. These people should be charged with Assault, Affray and Violent Disorder as there were more than five of them acting together.

If I were in your shoes as a licensee I would do the following to protect my business.

1. Get a solicitor to write to the Chief Superintendent informing him that you are not happy with the way the matter has been dealt with.

2. Get a solicitor to write to the licensing officer explaining the incident and send him a copy of the letter sent to the Chief Superintendent.

3. A solicitor should write to the police requesting the names and addresses of the people who assaulted you for the purpose of taking out a private prosecution against them.

If your customers made a complaint to the police saying you and your staff assaulted them, what do you think the police would have done?

You can be sure they would have arrested you on the spot so why should it be different when you are the victim. Being assaulted while running a pub should not be treated as an occupational hazard by the police.

From my experience the police will presume that you won't make too much of a fuss because you will be afraid of them objecting to your licence in the future. They can make up many allegations against your pub so it's important to record every time the police visit you and why.

You need to make it absolutely clear in writing that this incident was not your fault and your staff acted professionally.

Taking out a private prosecution against these people can sometimes force the CPS to take over the case for you.

It's not up to the police to weigh up the evidence or decide who should be charged. Thats a job for the CPS who make all decisions on who should be prosecuted. So, if the CPS has not reviewed this case how can the police say there is not enough evidence to charge? Thats not their job.

Your solicitor should enquire when this case was sent to the CPS and get the name of the person dealing so he can contact them direct. He may discover that the police never sent the case to the CPS in the first place, which would give grounds for an action against the police via Judicial Review.

If the police did not follow the correct procedure Judicial Review could get a court order against the police ordering them to follow the correct procedures including informing the CPS. They would in effect have to start from the beginning again.

MJS see this :


Heaven J
You have no other recourse than a civil suit.

A) They Did Not Take Names Because Of "Legal Reasons", And That "They Never Could Be Bovered To Find Out The Names" Or Simply It Was Saftey Towards THe Witnesses!

B) You Stand On Planet Earth!


Have you sort professional help?...a local solicitor possibly personal injuries claims should be able to help you.

it is possible to make a civil claim but his can be costly. the trouble with witnesses is that they can be unreliable and many cases fail in court because of this. the polic e did the right thing by taking statements from your SIA's as they are seen to be reliable but drunken night clubbers are not.

at the door to the pub

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