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Police officers: I want to show my appreciation to a cop that helped me after an accident, what do you suggest
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Police officers: I want to show my appreciation to a cop that helped me after an accident, what do you suggest

I was a victim of a hit and run today in Denver, CO and the police officer that came to help me was so kind to me! Do you know what would be the best way to share my appreciation for his kindness? Send a letter to the police department telling them what a great cop I think he is? Just send a letter to his department addressed to him to thank him? both? what would you suggest?


Send your letter to the chief of police explaining the details.It will go down the chain of command with comments added.Then placed in his file forever.

Kenneth C
As some people suggested here, serious or not. Sending gifts is not a great idea. Most PDs don't really officers to accept gifts worth money. So it would probably be just a waste.

Write a letter to the chief and officer that says thank you, that will be enough.

Send the letter to the officer, and a copy to the Chief of Police. That way he will get both the thank you from you, and the credit for a job well done from his employer.

It will be very beneficial to him at his annual review.

You can do all of those suggestions above, as well as, write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper, or call them and ask if you can submit a story, or take an add out and thank him for the world to see!

I'm not a police Officer, but I am a retired Federal Officer. I would do both, send a letter to both the department as well as the officer. I would think that would be a really nice thing to do for that person who was so there for you. It will show his superiors what a good officer he is, and I'm sure that it will be put into his permanent record and that will be a nice thing for him. I'm sure that he will love to have a wonderful letter to put with all of his other things that he has earned over the years. He will have an appreciation for your letter to him.

Good for you, that you want to take the time to do this for him, to show your appreciation. That is a wonderful thing to do for him. God bless you.

I would send a letter to the police chief and cc it to the mayor as well. That way the letter will be put into the officer's file and he'll get a copy of it from the police chief's secretary. Also, you could write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and hope that maybe they print it.

kolya k
Send a letter to the department and they will show it to him. This is the best way.

Everyone has great ideas on here with the exception of the donuts LOL.
Cindy the retired FED summed it up. I would write to the Mayor, Chief and go through the chain of command and in addition maybe just give the officer a short note of thanks. I can tell you that a short note of thanks is invaluable to an officer.
The other user is also correct in saying to not send gifts. Officers are generally not allowed to take gifts (gratuities) of any kind and if you send food (donuts) most officers wont eat them for safety reasons. If you are male and send flowers as one suggested it will cause some issues with his co-workers as well.
A nice letter goes a long ...long way..
Thanks for recognizing his efforts and all my best!

A letter to the Sheriff or Police Chief depending on which it was is usually the best idea. I have gotten letters, cards and even a batch of cookies from a little old lady I pulled over. Any recognition feels good. Great idea.

A letter of commendation to his superior officer will be put in his file and could affect his chances for promotions.

Brian C
Send a letter to the Chief of Police and have him relate your thanks to the individual officer. Please don't send gifts, your thanks will be more than enough.


Find out which department he works for, go to their website and they may have a commend an officer for you can fill out which will be given to the officer. Or, call the department and ask for the officer's name, badge number and if the department has an option for commendation from the public, most do so I'm sure it will be OK.

Dont get Infected
you could send him a letter or email. if you really wanted to you could give him a gift certificate for Starbucks but its not really necessary. and the donut thing isnt as true as people think. i dont know many cops that like donuts.

my avatar's hot!
Letter to the Police Chief, they'll make a fuss over him at roll call. You could also send a gift card for dinner for him and the missus, I'm sure he'd appreciate that!

Send a letter along with a donation to the cheif of police suggesting that officer get a pay increase.

Susan L.

send him a whole buncha donuts but dnt over do it

I would send him a letter or make some thing like some delicious food and bring it over to him at the police station..

Write a letter to the Chief of Police or sheriff. You could send him a $20-$25 Starbucks Gift Card. Keep it small.

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