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Question about neighbors smoking pot?
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Question about neighbors smoking pot?

I live in an apartment complex, and frequently I will smell marijuana in my apartment from someone smoking. Im getting fed up and want to call the cops but im not 100% sure which apt. its coming from. If I want to make a report what will the police do?


If you call, you don't need a specific apartment number. The police can figure that out when they get there.

The police probably won't do crap, they're more interested in the sale of drugs than someone getting high in their apartment. I'd recommend trying to find out yourself and let them know it is bothering you and to be more respectful, if they still keep it up tell the landlord.

I smoke pot. And usually i would tell you, you should just leave them be. BUT because of the fact you smell it, and you dont want to smell it, and you should not be forced to smell it. That is why cops should be informed. If it was something such as your neighbors house. Id say dont worry about it. But its in a apartment complex and the smell comes through the walls and vents ect. So if i was you i would call the cops and tell them your neighbors are disrupting your peace. And marijuana smell is coming through to your living space. If they want to smoke they can go outside or someplace so that is doesnt go through to other peoples living quarters. Tell the cops the smell is coming through and its bothering you. But first you need to politely ask them to smoke somewhere else because the smell is coming through. If they dont find another place to smoke, then cops can be called.


They'll likely show up to the area around your apartment and then try to figure out for themselves which apartment contains the pot.

By calling them you are providing them with probable cause and will give them good reason to enter someone's apartment.

nancy botwin
Marijuana is not really a big deal as coke or heroin sorry to say.But you could tell the landlord and let the landlord take care it from there.My friend had this problem in her building and i guess the manager found out and a letter about smoking paraphernalia was distributed to all the tenants and it was taped to there door...So i would recommend telling the landlord.If that does not help then call the police and make a report i mean they do have K-9's to track down who is smoking in the building.

The police can do nothing but form an opinion about you, and believe me, it will not be a favorable one. Do you really want to make enemies of the people you share your building with? If the cops go knocking from door to door, do you really think you'll be able to remain anonymous?

Do yourself a favor, open your windows, allow a fresh breeze into your apartment and mind your own business. Move on to the bigger dilemma's in your life. This one is petty.

Stella S
Perhaps you could call and ask to speak to someone in the drug task force. They can advise you as to how to handle the situation. I am sure they will appreciate the tip, and you won't have to go on smelling something that is an intrusion into your home.

I don't think you should bother your neighbors...Leave them alone...i mean..unless its REALLY bothering you that bad..let them do what they do..and if you call the police and your not sure what apartment its coming from the police will probably keep a close eye on the complex until they find out who's doing it...

Just mind your own business.

Just let them have fun its only them who will become retarded from drugs, become unemployed and wont be able to pay bils theyll be reossesed and youll be rid of your problem :)

you ppl are full of crap i go thru the same thing and I have kids now you tell me it petty how about i do something to annoy you.What i suggest is keep complaining we shouldnt have to put up with ppl smoking. I live an apartment full of people who smoke weed or a black n mild i dont care what it is. I dont want my kids or me smelling it.Men dont care so they would tell you to leave it alone. Oh and the cop that stopped by here one day said he smelled it but when the report got back to the landlord he denied it.THAT PISSED ME OFF

I've spoken to my neighbor and the landlord about the smoke -- and nothing is done. Then what do I do?

@milesgonewrong... If you don't want your kids smelling the weed or Black N' Milds that people in your apartment complex are free to smoke... move out. Problem solved. Mind your own business or stop playing other people for something that you have control over. Move somewhere else.

I have live in a upstairs apartment and smoked pot for a couple of mothns and no problems but recently a k9 officer has moved in on the front side of the building on the bottom floor lined up with mine which mine is on the back side of the building idk if I should worry about the dog hinting toward me I close the vents and use a spoof ( dryer sheets in a roll and blow throught it) and crack a window my ? Is if he walks back to the back with the dog will the dog smell the smoke from the side walk since I'm an upstairs and btw I smoke reg not good bud so it doesn't smell as strong any advise on my situation?

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