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There are two police cars parked in front of my house, what does this mean?
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There are two police cars parked in front of my house, what does this mean?

i walked right up to them, they didn't react to me. it's night, so i didn't want to go knocking on their windows. we're not drug dealers or anything, just 4 roommates in a house.


God BLESS America :)
If you're not doing anything wrong then you don't have anything to worry about!
I think it was a wise idea NOT to go knock on their windows.
The only word of advice I have for you is...
IF you see anything unusual happening on your block, don't hesitate to report it.....
A lot of people have been hurt because others are afraid to speak-up....God Bless You and your roommates!

They may be checking out something else. Leave them alone.

It doesn't mean anything, yet.

Jeffery C
We are just "war driving" and we get good free wireless from outside your house. Thanks!

Respect them enough to let them do their job!

la buena bruja
Leave them alone. They're working.

I don't know...maybe they are hiding out...

Maybe your neighbor is a drug dealer.

They might just be checking on a complaint, but if you go looking for trouble rest assured that it will find you.

someone is in trouble

they might be looking at your neighbor instead of you

§treet §killz
or maybe....you're screwed.
Unless of course you didnt do anything, which is a likely story, all you perpetrators of the law.
oh yes, and your neighbor is a drug dealer.

Get the door its dominos.lol sorry dont mind me.

If there is nothing illegal going on maybe they are taking a break?

All Natural Honey
They are coming for you, run.

Are you still there?
If yes, that means they didn't come for you!

leslie S
They are talking or sleeping or on assignment watching the mayor who is visiting your neighbor or just out to get your paranoid butt.
Leave them alone, if a uniform officer wants you they will talk to you, not lurk. Lots of people would pay good money to have a cop car park near their house.

johN p. aka-Hey you.
I wouldn't worry about anything. I really don't think they would be watching you from such an obvious spot in an obvious vehicle.

maybe theyre just doing paperwork from a prior assignment

If they're not knocking on your door, what do you have to worry about?

Leave them alone and don't GIVE them a reason to speak to you!

It means you are paranoid
lay off the stuff

Phone the Police station and ask what's going on - should you be concerned.

Doctor J
It means you need a lawyer!

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