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Time when an inmate is released from prison.?
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Time when an inmate is released from prison.?

When an inmate is going to be released from prison is there a specific time that they give them to be released, and do they give them any kind of money? I ask this because my twins' dad is supposed to be released on the 29th or 30th and I want to be prepared.


Call the facility and ask for the Records Department. They will give you the actual date for his release. Have your call transferred to the Captain's Office then and ask what time and where you should report to if you are picking him up. Usually, this is done in the AM hours, but can be delayed if operational situations come up that demand immediate attention. In normal situations, pickups are waited for in the Admin Building ( the front door you walk in when visiting). Identify yourself and who you are picking up. If staff does not know you are there, they will take hubby to the bus station.

Show up at the proper time you are told, but bring a book with you just in case hubby is delayed in being released.

If he has any money on his books, it will be given to him in cash up to $100. Anything over that amount will be a check. If he has any gate pay coming to him, that will also be in the envelope.

Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you.

If you call they will tell you a time but that time is not the exact time he will get out. If they tell you 8 am he could get out probably after noon or later at least before 5pm. Especially if it's federal prison. They like to take their time and do whatever they want. It takes jails a minute too but not as long. If he has any $$ on his books then they'll give him a check or mail him the check plus if he worked a job while doing time that will be included in the check as well.

Oh! You can also go on bop.gov and type in his name and fed# and it should have his release date there. don't know if it'll give the time but it will the exact date.

Max Hoopla
In California it is after breakfast.

I think they tend to release them in the morning in the UK. I believe on the release date they will be let out of their cells, collect there belongings and then taken for processing. I guess the time spent here would depend on how many people were being released that day and knowing the prison service and their procedures could take a few hours. My guess would be before 12.

In regards to money, they will be given whatever money they arrived at the prison with, any outstanding balance in their prison account and if they have no money most prisons will give them enough money for a train ticket home.

Hope it goes well for you! =)

I have never worked for a Federal facility, but I assume that the facility has certain times when they release inmates. No, they will not just give them money... But, if he has any money on his books, or had any money in his property when he was arrested he should receive that when he is released. I would suggest just calling the facility (They surely have an information hot line) and finding out release times. Good luck.

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